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    Fire (Wild Orchid) - Проекты Джей Си

    Тексты песен
    oooh hooo woo ooh
    yeh yeh
    oooh hooo woo ooh
    yeh yeh

    if you want it
    you can come get it
    if you need some sugar
    come on baby come on
    cause i've got everything that you could ever need
    i've got a kind of love that can bring you to your knees
    good to know the heat
    cause i know that i want you
    and i know that you want me


    Messed Around (Boyz -n- Girlz United) - Проекты Джей Си

    Тексты песен
    Chapter one. 
    Tell 'em how the story goesЕ

    Every little thing that you said was true
    I believed in you
    But it wasn't meant to be
    Cuz every little thing that you promised me
    Wasn't honestly what you said it would be
    And I swear you'll never learn
    So I'm giving you what you deserve
    What you deserve


    Now And Forever - Проекты Джей Си

    Тексты песен
    Whenever I'm weary 
    From the battles that raged in my head
    You made sense of madness
    When my sanity hangs by a thread

    I lose my way, but still you
    Seem to understand
    Now and Forever
    I will be your man


    Lies (Wild Orchid) - Проекты Джей Си

    Тексты песен

    Boy it comes as no surprise (no no)
    Cause when I look into your eyes (your eyes)
    I could see all those (oh) other girls
    You've been caught telling those lies
    Boy I knew it from (oh oh) the start
    So you could never break my heart
    Didn't think I was this wise (yeah yeah)
    You've been caught telling those lies


    Can't Stop Loving You (Boyz -n- Girlz United) - Проекты Джей Си

    Тексты песен
    You You

    Please leave me alone
    I'm out on my own and I'm trying to figure out
    How to live without you in my life
    I'm just tryin to make you see
    You keep me hangin on knowin that you're doin me wrong
    My world just falls apart knowing that you're breaking my heart
    I can't stop loving you
    No matter what I do
    And all the pain that I go through's for you
    It's torture what you do
    The pain you put me through
    Cuz everything that I do I do it for you


    When You Wish Upon A Star - Песни, не вошедшие в альбомы

    Тексты песен
    Dreams come true
    (Dreams come true_
    Dreams come true
    (Oh, oh yea)
    Dreams come true
    (Na, na-na-na, na-na-na)
    They do
    (They do)
    When you
    (When you)


    Girlfriend Remix with Nelly - Песни, не вошедшие в альбомы

    Тексты песен
    Uh, Ay, Ay 
    Uh, Would you be my girl?
    Would you be my, (Would you be my girlfriend?)
    Uh, ay, Yeah, Check it

    He don't want you like I want you
    Believe me Boo, I done told you
    He don't appreciate you
    I can tell by the way he hold you

    He don't love you like I do love you
    Squeeze you like I squeeze
    I'll make your neck pop back
    And in fact I'll buckle your knees (Hey)


    Superbowl XXXV - Песни, не вошедшие в альбомы

    Тексты песен
    Это попурри было представлено 28 января 2001 года на Superbowl XXXV, проходившем в Tampa, FL 

    Justin : Hey, hey
    *NSYNC : Bye Bye Bye
    Bye Bye
    Bye Bye
    JC : I'm doing this tonight
    *NSYNC : You're
    JC : Probably gonna to start a fight
    *NSYNC : I
    JC : Know this can't be right
    Hey, baby come on
    *NSYNC : I
    JC : Loved you endlessly
    *NSYNC : When
    JC : You weren't there for me
    *NSYNC : So
    JC : Now it's time to leave and make it alone
    Justin : I know that I can't take no more
    It ain't no lie
    I wanna see you out that door
    *NSYNC : Bye Bye


    I Believe In You - Песни, не вошедшие в альбомы

    Тексты песен
    Ведущие голоса: Joe, JC Chasez и Justin Timberlake 
    Публикована в: My Name Is Joe

    Joe : I never believed in dreaming
    It never got me very far
    I never believed that love could find me like an arrow through the heart
    I never believed in miracles or building castles in the air
    Not until that day I found you
    Turned around and you were there
    From the day you came you gave me a whole new point of view
    I've been touched by an angel, it's impossible but true


    Bring It All To Me - Песни, не вошедшие в альбомы

    Тексты песен
    JC записал этот дуэт с девичьей группой Blaque
    Авторы песни: B. Lawrence, C. Rooney, V. Ruby, L. Lewis, K. Spencer, W. Shelby, L. Van Horssen, N. Sylvers
    Публикована в: Blaque Album, Bring It All To Me Single

    Blaque : There you are
    Lookin' as fine as can be
    In your fancy car
    I can tell your lookin' at me
    Whatcha wanna do
    Are you just gonna sit there and stare
    Baby, talk to me
    Tell me what's on your mind baby