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    Интервью с Джастином Тимберлейком “Justifiably” на инглише

    Justin Timberlake: УJustifiablyФ On Top (May 29, 2003)
    Source: TeenMusic.com By: Lynn Barker

    Since he went solo, 22-year-old 'N Syncer Justin Timberlake has dug deep into R&B, done a little Britney payback with his УCry Me a RiverФ video and has conquered the U.K. in sold-out performances. His current single "Rock Your Body" is the number one most played song in the U.K. and in the U.S. on both billboard and R&R Charts. HeТll co-host the MTV Movie Awards with fellow hottie Seann William Scott on June 5th. As Justin gets ready to hitch his star to ChristinaТs for the УJustified and StrippedФ tour, starting June 4th in Phoenix, he talked to us from his hotel in London. He says heТs Уpleasantly surprisedФ by his U.K. tour success and is happy that his audiences have consisted of music fans of all ages. Despite the rumors that Justin does nothing but party in London clubs, heТs a hard-working perfectionist. We got down to business: 

    TeenMusic: Justin, what do you see as the future of teen pop with and without you?

    Justin: As long as there are teens and as long as we have culture with popular music in it, teen pop will never die. I just think it takes on a different head. Years ago it was Nirvana and then it turned into Britney. I'd like to think that I was part of it somewhere along the line. Now it's like 50 Cent. Teen pop is Ц it's whatever the kids in the suburbs are listening to. I don't really have a formula. I think that as you grow as a person, of course you grow as a musician and as a songwriter.

    TeenMusic: Do you think shows like УAmerican IdolФ have watered down the pop recording scene?

    Justin: Well honestly, I don't think "American Idol" has anything to do with records. I mean obviously, it made a plateau for Kelly Clarkson to get in. But I don't think it's determining what kids are listening to. I think kids can think for themselves. Some kids like Good Charlotte. Some kids like my stuff. Some kids like 50 Cent. Some kids like all of it, you know. And that's the beauty of where music has really gone to. There are so many different flavors to pick from. УAmerican IdolФ is a great show and it's a great venue for someone who has a lot of talent to really make a name for themselves. But, after the show is over and you make a record, that's when the real crunch time starts. It doesnТt assure you as an artist that уouТre going to sell a million records, you know. I think the music has to do that.

    TeenMusic: After УRock Your BodуФ, do you know what your next single and video will be?

    Justin: I'm thinking about the next single right now. And, you know, I wish we would have done this next week because then I would have had an answer for you. I'm leaning towards "Senorita" but I don't want to say for sure. It's got that groove that really fits into the summer. I just envision walking down the hot street and you just see this dark-haired voluptuous dark skinned creature and you're like Ц Сman, you know, I wonder what I could say to her to make her head spin?Т It makes you kind of get into the summer vibe.

    TeenMusic: How did you and Christina team up for the tour and what can fans expect?

    Justin: ItТs a cool, innovative way to tour; two shows really for the price of one. Christina and I are releasing these albums. Even though this is her second album and my first, I think we were at similar places in our careers where we wanted to break the mold of what people looked at as teen pop and move in a different direction. I think fans can expect to see a spectacle, you know. I'll always come with something that's ascetically pleasing hopefully but nothing really takes away from the music on this show. And, you know, I have a three-piece horn section and a (DJ), as well.

    TeenMusic: Can we have more tour details?

    Justin: I have four background singers, two guys and two girls. I have eight dancers. It's cool Ц I really like how the dancers are infused into the show, because they're not on stage all the time, at the same time. I'll be doing a lot of tempo songs from the record. The set IТm doing now is about 85 minutes so IТll cut that down to about 70 minutes, because I want to make sure that Christina and I both get an ample amount of time to do our thing. So, I don't really know what songs I'm going to take out, or what songs I might add in the place of something else. I know that most of the songs that you listen to on the record that have tempo, you can pretty much count on those being in the show.

    TeenMusic: Will you be doing a duet with Christina?

    Justin: Nothing has been really arranged. I think because we've been so busy doing our own rehearsals, and obviously I've been over here in the U.K. touring, there hasn't really been anything set. You know, it's not anything that I can promise. I can say that there's a possibility that we will. I don't know exactly what it would be, but, you know, it would be something special. I could say that, if it does actually happen.

    TeenMusic: Did you have any expectations on going solo and what do you hope happens when СN Sync gets back together?

    Justin: I really had no expectations. I really didn't know what to expect. You want to just to kick ass, you want to just do good. I really didn't expect it to go this well, you know. People really responded to the music. They walk in like Сman, you know, track number seven on the record, man, that's greatТ. As far as moving forward, I have no idea what's going to happen. You go where the inspiration lies.

    TeenMusic: ItТs got to be so different, doing shows alone.

    Justin: Well obviously, it's vocally way more demanding. JC sang a lot of the other leads and now I'm using my voice for the whole show. There's no (half-stepping). Whereas I could have just jumped back and sang some backgrounds, it's me out front. But other than that, I don't really feel [challenged]. I know that the people who do come to see the show are obviously people who wanted to come and theуТre ready to have a good time. I feel like we're all on stage. It's just about connecting with the crowd and making them feel like it's OK to, you know, shake their [butt]. Being on stage takes me away from all the crap that I just had to go through, you know, the first 10 hours before I got up there.

    TeenMusic: Any chance уouТll be doing covers of more established songs?

    Justin: As a songwriter, I'll do some songs that I've written and not too many covers. I don't want to spend time doing covers. I want people to see what I'm about.

    TeenMusic: Any particular reason why you are launching the tour in Phoenix?

    Justin: I think this is just where we booked the first show. I know we're going to be there for a minute. IТm looking forward to it. They have The Raisin there. So I'm looking forward. They have the [Raisin] out there and it's one of my top 10 golf courses. So I'm looking forward to playing that. I'm excited to start the tour in Phoenix. It's a cool little town. And maybe I'll go get some food at Alice Cooper's or something.

    TeenMusic: You have a Уchallenge for the childrenФ charity event coming up in Miami. Tell us about that.

    Justin: I think it'll be great. We raised $2 million in one weekend last year. The big event is we do a basketball game. We do like a scavenger hunt and a field day. We invite celebrities. Come out if you want to come see celebrities make fun of themselves trying to play basketball and do athletic stuff. Last year we had a guest roster that was just phenomenal. We had (Nelly) and (Usher), and you know, many different actors. Shannon Elizabeth, the list goes on and on.

    TeenMusic: You'll be hosting the MTV Movie Awards. You did the thing with the Matrix that I saw. Are you thinking about acting roles?

    Justin: You know, honestly, I think that transition will be made at some point. I think just being on stage and being an entertainer you get the bug, you wonder how you would be on screen. You wonder how you would react to other people, and the chemistry that you might have in that venue. Until the right project comes along I won't make that step. I'd rather it be something that I believed in, and something that I felt passionate about. Right now that's what I am doing. I am doing what I love to do.

    TeenMusic: Are you and СN Sync planning more together?

    Justin: Well, as of right now we are planning to go in the studio but I havenТt even thought about what we would work on, and where the direction would go. I know that it would have to be something a little new, creative, and different. And so I can't make any promises on what it's going to sound like, or if we even feel confident enough to put it out. I mean I'm sure we will.

    TeenMusic: How have your musical tastes changed over the last few years?

    Justin: Well, my inspiration has been the same since I was 12. I love Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye, and Donnie Hathaway, and Al Greene; of course, Michael and Prince and Earth, Wind, and Fire. I just, I think more or less in the past five years I've become so much more open to rock music. And I just enjoy it so much now more than ever. I'm fully dug into all different styles of music now. Just growing as a person has changed my musical tastes, to just a more broad spectrum of different sounds. This solo record was such an opportunity to come into my own as a song writer, and really just dive into it. And you know, I think it definitely had an affect on the way I look at music.

    TeenMusic: What can you tell us about hosting the MTV Movie Awards with Seann?

    Justin: We're cool, man! Seann is a great guy. And we immediately had a great chemistry when we met for the first time and realized that we were both going to be standing on the stage together hosting. It's going to be fun. We're going to spoof up some movies and we'll have a chance to show everybody that we are funny.

    TeenMusic: JC was at Wango Tango with a huge marching band. It seems that big production shows are expected. Do you feel like the day of Уjust the musicФ is gone?

    Justin: No, I don't think so. I'm doing what I can to change that. If you're coming to see the show I don't think you'll walk away saying that it took away from the music. I have a 13, 14 piece band, and they're big. They sound really good. But I think more or less my favorite moments in the show are when I get to stand by myself and sing. And just to really give people an intimate piece of me. So, I didn't know JC had a marching band. That's interesting.

    TeenMusic: Your CD is very R&B. ItТs not pop. Were you deliberately trying to break into an urban sound?

    Justin: Right, it's an R&B CD. I really feel like that's where I shine. I don't think I particularly said, 'oh, I hope this gets played on rhythm crossover, or urban radio, you know.' Or 'I hope that the urban crowd embraces it.' I just think that it's just what I like to do, you know. I think at first it was tough for people to see me in that venue. When you go in the studio just keep it real.

    TeenMusic: It sounds like it's going to be a pretty physically demanding tour. What do you do to sort of keep in shape on the road, both physically and mentally?

    Justin: Well, mentally I don't do a lot other than the show. I'm pretty quiet when I'm offstage especially on a show day. But on days off I like to be outside. I'll probably go play golf. It's so easy to feel like you're just a machine when you're in venues every day and it's exciting to be in a different city every day. Physically, I train. I obviously get a lot of (cardio) on stage. I just do circuit training to make sure my health is still up so I'm not winded too much when I'm on stage.

    TeenMusic: We hear JC wonТt wear the same underwear twice when heТs on tour. Do you have any unusual requests or tour needs?

    Justin: Well, I believe in the washer and dryer, those definitely work. Yes, JC has always been like that. What I really request is this tea called 'throat coat' and it's probably the best singer's tea you can have. And I request licorice root, which looks like a twig of tree bark. Just stuff that's good for your voice. And other than that, you know, water, and I don't know, Gatorade, honey for the tea. I'm pretty low maintenance.

    TeenMusic: Now, if you had to choose a theme song for this tour, a song by another artist, what would it be?

    Justin: 'On The Road Again' by Willie Nelson! It Ц that's my life. It's never ending, and it's always on the road. And I enjoy it, it's fun.

    TeenMusic: WonТt it be weird touring without the guys?

    Justin: My best friend, (Trace) is with me everywhere; on tour, and takes care of stuff for me. So, you know, I definitely have a camaraderie with him. I am just looking forward to whatever it's going to be. I think I'll find the groove, and it'll find it's place. But, yes, it will be completely different without the other four there.

    TeenMusic: So we all know you're a great dancer, and we're looking forward to seeing your new moves on your upcoming tour! Does dancing now come easy for you, or is it something that you ever struggle with?

    Justin: I never really took formal dance training. I think it's something I kind of picked up from watching MTV, to be honest. It's really just about mimicking. Now it's turned into just what ever feels comfortable for me. It's just more of a release. I don't know that it's an easy or a hard thing. I just think it's something that enjoyable for me Ц something that is fun.

    TeenMusic: Justin, some people may see your teaming up with Christina as a slap in the face to Britney. What is your response to that?

    Justin: We'll, you know, I can't do anything about what people speculate. I know that I would never do anything just for spite. So, I'm just not that type of person. I think why I choose to tour with Christina was a situation where her manager called mine and they said, you know, we think it would be a good idea, and I thought, you know, it's innovative. It's just the cool thing to do and, you know, my decisions for my career have nothing to do with my personal life.

    TeenMusic: Where does the soul element of your music come from?

    Justin: I sang in church growing up but Memphis is the blues capital of the world, we like to say. I think that's Ц [honestly], where that came from. I remember going down to Beale Street when I was young, and listening to those voices come out of those bars and they were just soulful and it's the Bible belt, so yes every choir in a church in Memphis is a gospel choir whether they're black or white. It doesn't matter.

    TeenMusic: YouТve managed to keep your success in perspective and continue to succeed despite temptations. To what do you owe that?

    Justin: Well, thanks. The temptations that I've encountered are obviously the same temptations any young person growing up faces but because there's such a big public eye Ц you're in a fish bowl. I think the reason for why I'm standing here and doing what I love to do, and still have a head on my shoulders, is my mother Ц you know, my mother and my dad. They're both just great parents and they just taught me well and I think that has a lot to do with it.

    TeenMusic: What do you think are the most intriguing things about Christina and her stage show?

    Justin: Well, I haven't seen this show yet but, to me the biggest aspect of Christina, when she's on stage, is that voice and that's what got her here. I don't think it's a coincidence that she picked that single "Dirrty." I think she has that kind of sex appeal. But, at the same time I think, after releasing a song like that and then releasing "Beautiful," it shows everybody why she's [so successful]. I think her voice is the biggest part of her.

    TeenMusic: YouТve done some re-mixes of your songs with a lot of edgy stars like 50 Cent and Basement Jaxx. How do you decide who you work with?

    Justin: Basement Jaxx heard like "I Love You," and they called and said we want to re mix it, and so it was just one of those situations. And the 50 Cent as well. I think Ц I found out about it after it happened, so I've been flattered to actually have those kinds of people collaborate on a song that I did, and they both came out really good, as well. I enjoy collaborations. I enjoy mixing it up and it's fun.

    TeenMusic: What are your plans for 2004?

    Justin: IТm going to do this tour and just kind of follow the inspiration where it goes. And after the Summer is over and the tour is done, and I look back and say 'you know, that was great, I enjoyed itТ then it's about figuring out where you want to go from that point. I think it's important to not forget those steps up the ladder that you have to take to get to that certain point. So I try not to look too far ahead.
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