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    Интервью с Джастином Тимберлейком и Кристиной Агилерой, на инглише

    Интервью с Джастином Тимберлейком и Кристиной Агилерой, на инглишеJustin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera kick off their first tour together in June. Are they an odd match? Not really. These two pop stars go way back to their days as castmates on The Mickey Mouse Club. Access Hollywood's Pat O'Brien sat down with Christina and Justin for an exclusive interview in their rehearsal studio. 

    Pat O'Brien: How did this idea come about?

    Christina: It was all my idea! No, I'm kidding. (laughs)

    Pat: That's what we've been told.

    Christina: You have? No, you haven't. (laughs)

    Justin: I think it was kind of between our managers.

    Christina: Well, it was also that our records were coming out at the same time and whatnot and our singles. Also, the fact that we're both almost kind of a reinvention of ourselves. Like being a little more mature -- me being more grown, having gone through lots of changes. You know, this being my follow-up record to my debut and Justin kind of parting himself from the boys for a minute to do a solo thing. I think it was just kind of fate that we get together and join up to give them a show.

    Pat: Well, it's two of the biggest pop stars in the world, which is kind of unusual to get this kind of talent together. Don't you think that is what kind of gives it the juice?

    Christina: So you gotta come see the show!

    Pat: What can fans expect?

    Christina: You're going to see a good show from both of us. We have surprises and everything up our sleeves.

    Justin: Actually, I don't have any surprise, my surprise is Christina. (laughs)

    Christina: Shut up. (laughs)

    Pat: Now, who headlines here? Who goes first? Who goes second?

    Christina: Justin has a good line for this.

    Justin: Well, seeЕ

    Pat: You mean this is not an original question? (laughs)

    Christina: We had to be prepared.

    Justin: Well, see in the South the ladies always go first. So, the lady will go first.

    Pat: Will there be surprises? What should we expect from this?

    Justin: I think you can expect surprises. I mean, obviously, I don't think either one of us wanna tell...

    Christina: But expect the unexpected.

    Pat: But give us kind of a clue how the show will go onЕ You going to cover anything? Is it all original stuff?

    Justin: (to Christina) Wanna go first?

    Pat: Are you going to sing one of her songs? Is she going to sing one of yours?

    Christina: Yeah, we're swapping each other's material and I'll be doing his and he's doing Beautiful and Dirrty. He's going to get in my chaps. (laughs)

    The Justified & Stripped tour kicks off on June 4. Stay tuned to Access Hollywood for more from Pat's exclusive interview with Justin and Christina.
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