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    Интервью с JC Chasez с радиостанции KIISFM на инглише, 4 апреля 2003

    Title: Completed Transcript from KIISFM Interview w/ JC 
    Date: April 04, 2003
    Credit: anonymous
    Transcribed by: babymamma787

    Ten o clock dedication hour with Jojo...

    JoJo tries to say where he and JC are located, but since it's a secret location, they can't do that...and I'm sure JC doesn't want all these people know where he lives. So, while JoJo is sayign the address, parts of it are being bleeped out.

    JoJo: I'm here with JC Chasez. Dude, this album-you played me like 6 or 7- how many tracks?

    JC: It was probably like 6 or 7 yeah.

    JoJo: Before I get specific questions on this thing...you guys, this album he is workin on is- out of the 6 or 7 tracks, I am absolutely freaked out and blown away.

    JC: Well you're also freaked out because I'm a wierd guy.

    laughter in background...

    JoJo:You are a weird dude. You were saying that there's actually one song that has a questionable lyric in it. Not exactly questionable, but you might get your first parental...what's that thing called?

    JC:...advisory sticker. I dont know if it constitutes to get me a parental advisory or not, but we'll see what happens. I talk a little bit dirty so it's weird.

    they both make noises...

    JoJo: So is it exciting to have the potential to get one of those things on the CD or is it like where you're like "Oh great. " Well, you can't change your lyrics cause you put alot of time into your lyrics, so that can't change obviously.

    JC: No, I mean I'm an artist so, I'm gonna stand behind that and everything like that. But, as far as geting a sticker - I don't care either way. The subject matter is fun, I like talking dirty..heh.

    JoJo: Obviously, dude. Dude explain that one song... should I explain it and should we go in depth on it or should we wait till the album comes out cause who knows what-

    JC: Sit around, cause who knows what's not gonna make the record and everything like that. Cause I've played you like six or seven and I've got a whooollle pile of stuff.

    Jojo: On one song, I'll give you quick descriptions on one song that really blew me away. A song that reminds you of...God, i hate to say it- an "Off the Wall" Micheal Jackson type song.

    JC: That's not bad though...

    Jojo: No, that's a great thing.

    JC: yeah..

    JojO: But, I know people get pissed off at some comparisons, but it's my thing. Then there's another track where you fall in love with an alien so to speak...right? And I'm not lying

    JC: (chuckles) No, that's absolutely true.

    JoJo: Then there another song that's the break up song that will practically say what you're feeling, but make you cry for about two hours straight. Its just an intense song. I mean you're really on to some intense stuff. I think that it's really gonna speak to a lot of people. Uh, I think the lyrics...those are...are you writing that stuff?

    JC: yeah

    JOJo: You seem pretty proud of that stuff you've written lyrically.

    JC: Yeah, well that's the thing. I think that the one thing that I'm really capturing lately is that it's very truthfull and very genuine and emotional. Even the fun stuff like what it's like to fall in love with an alien and stuff like that, thats the part of your imagination thats like "Okay, it's about falling in love, but putting a twist on it and having fun with it. But, at the end of the day, especially with the ballads, I take the most honest approach to it. If it's something rough, I'm not trying to candycoat anything. I'm not trying to make it worse than it is, I'm just trying to take the most direct approach to the emotion and I tell it in the most truest, simplest, and honest form.

    JoJo: Yeah, you guys when you here this, I know it's gonna be a couple of months off before the release date, but you're gonna freak out. More with JC Chasez when we come back...

    plays 50 cent

    Jojo: I can't say where we're at, but describe this studio, dude.

    JC: this place is like the Ninja Turtles Lair. We got... hanging out over there in the back.

    Jojo: First thing you said to me when you walked into the studio..

    JC: "Hey, dude...when did you get a prostetic arm?"

    JoJo:My arm looks mechanical and the doctors have me all jacked up. So, uh is this the first time you've been interviewed by a guy with a fake arm?

    JC: No...

    JoJo: Cool. Right On. JC is gonna be at wango tango. I know you've been at the Rose Bowl before, because I've seen you guys perform as a group over there. Is this a different approach, is it a different mental attitude...is it exciting are you nervous? What's going through your head? I know this is the first time I've seen you perfom solo, especially at a place like the rose bowl.

    JC: Yeah, it's definitely gonna be nerve wrecking to be honest with you. If I don't puke on the side of the stage, I'm gonna pat myself on the back. Its probably goona be, if not, my first performance in front of a an audience with my own material...it'll be one of the second. Which, the first one will probably be with just some of my friends. So, it's gonna be my first big perfomance. It's gonna be a little nerve wracking, but at the same time it's gonna be a lot of fun. It will be a release for me to finally get it off my chest and say, "I'm not afraid to get out there by myself, man!" Who knows, but yeah, it'll be my first time on a stage in front of a crowd.

    JoJo: Have you ever puked on the side of a stage before?

    JC:Nope, never threw up or anything like that. Actually, Lance did, but it wasn't because he was nervous or anything like that. It was because he had the flu...we were dancing and like litterally had a show and like every...two minutes or so, even during the extra scenes, he'd sneak of to the side of a stage and throw up into a trash can. He kept goin...he was a trooper that day. does sound effects. No...never got the jitter to where I started hurling or stuff like that.

    JoJo: that's good. If I see a trash can...if you need one, let me know and I'll uh pull a trash can to stage left or something.

    JC: If you ever throw up into a plastic bag, you don't wanna have somebody rinse that out okay?

    Jojo: That's nasty dude. You're gonna be looking for a band to perform with you on stage? (Talking about Wango Tango)

    JC: Well we wanna have fun. It was for the Drumline movie, and even though it was out during Christmas time, people still like the song. I love performin it, and when we were doing it...we actually recorded live marching bands to do that middle-that break section. So, we're gonna try and find some players man to come up and beat on them drums man while I'm playing and dancing and stuff.

    Jojo: We've never done that before at Wango Tango...ever. So, we'll give you details about that soon. But you know an awesome highschool or college marching band...

    plays O-town

    Jojo: In a few minutes, you were scheduled to leave for London earlier, but you postponed your flight. What's goin on in London?

    JC: Well, I'm doing the tail end of the rercording seesion for my record. I'm gonna be recording with some cats from the UK. To get a different flavor. It's weird because you kinda go over there to have this child with a stranger. It's weird because you know music is very personal. Whenever you meant someone new and you decidee to write with them, you have to divulge quite a bit because you're going into a space in creativity where you're very vulnerable. So, usually the first day is kinda vibing a bit. I know it sounds dumb, but you kinda hang out with that person to see if you can become comfortable with them, you know indugling. It's a very intimate thing when you're wirting a song, and you're opening yourself up to that person. And to a lot of riducle and the last thing you want is for that person to be making fun of you while you're trying to open up. You tend to feel people out the first day.

    JoJo: So him yelling, "You suck!" as you're in the recording booth, is probably not good.

    JC: that's probably gonna screw my moral. That basically means I'll be on the plane put the next day.

    JoJo: Having an album is kinda like having a child in a sense. You start from scratch and then you raise it and then it gets released. Is it nerve recking to see your Cd or your child being tossed to the public...

    JC: Does my child get straight A's or straight E's?

    JoJo: Is my child a dumbass baby or not?

    JC: I don't know. At that point, when the record is released, it's a strange feeling. You try and de-sensitize yourself to critics and stuff you say "Okay well, they just didn't understand me." I haven't released it yet...you know I'm on my own. When I released with the guys and stuff, we always leaned on each other and someone was there to rub us up. You know? So it's different...i'm excited, nervous, a little bit of everything. I don't even know how I'm gonna react to what people say

    JOJo: What's your gestemation or your hope to get the album out? Obviously things can change...

    JC: I'm trying to get it out early summer

    JOjo: Of Course you're gonna be doing BMU at Wango Tango. Will any of the new tracks be performed?

    JC: it depends if I have more time to rehearse more stuff, cause I do wanna try some things. I wanna see how people...i've definitely been contemplating.

    JoJo tells JC that he needs to come him and play each track and tell him about it.

    JC: And tell ten minute stories about each track? That's great air.

    JoJo: Say Bye, Jc

    JC: Bye JC.
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