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    Saturday Night Takeaway с Джастином и Ant & Dec на инглише, 25 января 2003

    Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway Transcript
    January 25, 2003

    Ant and Dec's show is basically a game show with little jokes (usually setting up members of the public), special guests and a musical performance by a 'popular artiste' at the end. The guys are basically trying to bring back 'light entertainment' to the UK's living rooms. They also presented 'Pop Idol' in the UK and a couple of weeks ago decided to get revenge on Simon Cowell for all the insults he's hurled at people who've auditioned. They flew over to the States, dressed up as wannabe popstars (with nada talent) and auditioned in front of him, Paula Abdul and that other guy (Randy is it? He has escaped my memory!). They were bad and they wound up Simon Cowell A LOT, made him look even more of an idiot than usual, then admitted who they were, before including it on their show. As I recall, I think they included it on the show Justin was on.

    Anywho, each week they take the ad breaks from a tv show (shown during the previous week) and give a member of the audience the chance to win every product advertised. So you could end up winning a couple of cars, holidays, can of dog food, toilet roll etc. etc. They do this by taking a photo of each member of the studio audience before the show, then the computer picks a pic at random and said member of audience bounds onto the stage in an over-excited manner, answers questions, if correct, gets to choose a numbered square with an item from an ad behind it - of course, not knowing what they've won. They then get the chance to gamble what they've won for the entire list of prizes, by answering one further question. You get my drift.

    So, to when Justin was on. Before the titles run each week there's usually a little sketch, Justin's one was basically a play on the English and Americans having different words for the same thing. This particular week started with Ant and Dec standing in the corridor at the TV studios (mocked up in the actual studio) discussing the potential prizes and Dec worrying about the fact that he'd left Ant in charge to organize them. (Ant being the darker haired of the two and on the left of the caps, Dec being the one on the right)


    Ant: "Don't worry, I sent the star guest out to buy the prizes, (laughs) eh? I'll see how he's getting on."

    Dec looks at him in disbelief as he dials on his mobile.

    Switch to Justin Timberlake in the local corner shop (which just happens to be opposite the studio). He answers his cell.

    JT: "Yeah, Justin Timberlake."

    Back to corridor.

    Ant: "Hi. Hi Justin, it's Ant. How're you getting on with the prizes?"

    Back to shop.

    JT: "Oh good, I've nearly got everything (looking at shopping list), but what's this 'bog roll'? Is that a kinda cake?"

    Back to corridor.

    Ant: laughing nervously "Er, yeah, yeah, don't worry about that, just get
    back as quick as you can."

    Back to Justin standing in a shopping aisle with basket over his arm and shopping list in hand.

    JT: "Alright. And listen, peace out dawg". Clicks phone and ends call.

    Back to corridor.

    Ant: confused, looks at phone, says "Yeah" then barks into it.
    Dec: "You never sent Justin Timberlake to the shops to get our prizes!!?!!"
    Ant: "He wanted the exercise!"
    Dec: looking disgusted with Ant and placing his hands to his hips with a frustrated "Ohhhhraarrgh!"

    Justin runs into the corridor laden with carrier bags.

    Ant: "Ah!"
    JT: "Hey guys, I, I got the er, the er, chips" He pulls a large family size bag from one of the bags.
    Ant: "Crisps"
    Dec: "Crisps"
    JT: looking a little confused "Yeah, ok (throws crisps to one side). I also got the 'flash - light'" Holds it up to his head and switches it on to demonstrate.
    Ant: "Torch"
    Dec: "Torch"
    JT: "OK (looking even more confused, frowns and throws the torch to one side) and, I got the alluminium wrap."
    Ant: "Tin foil"
    Dec: "Tin foil, tin foi..... TIN FOIL!?!?!?!? What about the cars? the holidays?!? What about, what about all the big prizes Justin?!?"
    JT: "Well Ant said I could spend whatever I had left over on candy"
    Dec: "CA.....? You've spent thousands and thousands of pounds on sweets?!?"
    JT: "Noooo.." (drops shopping bags, clicks fingers - in steps pretty blonde to his side, smirks) "... THIS is Candy"
    Ant: to camera "He'll rot his teeth that boy!"
    Dec: "Role titles!"

    Justin grins and swings arm to point to camera in very cheesy way.

    The end.
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