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    Чат с Джастином. Вопросы задают фанаты Nsync и Бритни на инглише, январь 2003

    Чат с ДжастиномHey Everybody ! Here's the Justin Timberlake transcript from this morning's live chat in Australia. Justin was in London and answered some questions asked by the popular Channel V !!. We were given permission by them to be the first ones up with the transcript !!
    Here it is, Justin chatted for 20 minutes...

    CHV: ChannelV
    JustinT: yah...
    Bold: Questions from WoB

    presents ImNoTeenie who says Happy Birthday Justin. what will you be doing to celebrate this year?
    well thank you - I will be with my friends and family celebrating
    presents carlywarly who says Megan Maas, 18-year old from California asks You seem like you are a die hard romantic, what is the most romantic thing youve ever done for a girlfriend?
    well one thing comes to mind - i am pretty much a die hard romantic - on valentines day - I was 14 and I cooked a meal for her..
    presents legally_filo who says Justin what has been the most memorable performance of your career so far?
    VMA's was pretty memorable - I think even the performance we did as a group - all the ones from the last 4 years have been!
    presents carlywarly who says Roya from Vic asks Hi :)
    Hi back
    presents shella who says Good morning JT, so what did you have for breakfast this morning?
    I had a bowl of cereal - and now I am having a cup of tea
    presents legally_filo who says what is the best part of what you do?
    best part about what I do is to wake up every morn and go to a job that inspires you and bring you to where you are and to effect people in a positive way
    presents carlywarly who says Vivienne from Victoria asks - Hey Justin - what's up? I wanted to ask if your going to come to Australia any time soon?
    hopefully - its all just a matter of time but hopefully sometime this year
    presents ImNoTeenie who says a while ago, you were supposed to be writing a book. what happened to that?
    its kind of still in the process - its more of a go style book - it should be out - just don't know when
    presents bballnsyncchick who says Justin is your solo career everything you hoped it would be? I love *NSYNC 4-eva....by the way your solo album totally rocks! Courtney from St. Louis
    Thank you - yeh it is - its a great thing - it's a great thing to have such support!
    presents Anthinea who says Have you started writing songs for your next album, and if yes, which musical direction can we expect?
    well I haven't started writing songs yet for the next album but I think hopefully at the end of this year nsync will be working on another album ...
    presents Ruben who says Hey Justin, this is Ruben from World of Britney.com, got thousands of Britney fans to live up to, so hope you can answer this question for us, What was the best thing about your relationship with Britney? and thanks to WorldofBritney.com for all their help with the promotion of this chat.
    the best thing was having someone who I think genuinely loved for me and understood the business and what i went through...
    presents sammy_2323 who says are you going to be doing any music with Missy elliot cause you 2 together would rock
    its funny missy and I have talked about it and hopefully our schedule will work out - it would be hit
    presents carlywarly who says Sherry from NSW asks What's the stupidest, most outrageous thing Justin has ever done... or attempted to do??
    umm - that a tough one! I think probably the most outrageous was skydiving... didn't realize till my feet were on the ground again..
    presents carlywarly who says J-Jess from USA asks What is included in a typical day for you?
    typical day for me kinda depends - if we are on promo - wake up early - slew of interviews and tv and performances - if on tour then it revolved around the venue and me! and when I am not working I am playing golf!
    presents carlywarly who says Jessica from USA asks I would like to know in Justin's opinion, what are the best and worst things about being in the music business?
    best part is getting what you wanna do - worst part is feeling shallow sometimes cause people don't see you as a person... although everyone makes sacrifices to do hwta they wanna do...
    presents carlywarly who says Muks Babes from Victoria asks What's the first thing you wash when you get into the shower?
    my face! cause I am not gonna wash my face after the rag has been on my body..
    presents ImNoTeenie who says you have a close friendship with pharrell, are you a big fan of N.E.R.D.? what is your favorite song of theirs?
    I am a close friend of pharell and a big fan of nerd - fav song is - tough to choose - run to the sun and stay together..
    presents carlywarly who says Donna from NSW asks Hey Justin! I know its your birthday on the 31st, and I just wanna say happy birthday!! Also, what was the best present you ever got for your birthday?
    best present - I get embarrassed at my bday - I should get my mom something for my bday cause she is responsible for it...
    presents carlywarly who says Miami2003 asks Justin, I've seen a wide difference on the following info. How tall are you, what do you currently weigh, do you really have size 13 feet?
    I dont have size 13 feet.. my shoe size is 12 ... I am 6'1 I weigh 168... pounds
    presents ImNoTeenie who says what's one question you want to be asked?
    I am stumped! :)
    presents patsbeard who says I wanna ask justin, does he have any plans in the future to get into acting or is he just totally concentrating on music?
    Never ending search for the perfect q
    I do have plans - I think it has to be the right time... I just have to feel it and know what I wanna do... if I were to do that I would have to take a break from music but if I do dont expect a conventional role
    presents dirrty_pop who says Who is Ur fave singer of all time?
    Donnie Hathaway...
    presents fOshizzle who says Why do u like golf so much, i don't get it????
    well you sound like someone who hs never played before - but more or less its relaxing and because my jpob is soo stressful its nice to be in one place and outside...
    presents dirrty_pop who says Have you ever had to disguise yourself in a beard and funny glasses?
    I have never had to do that - i have used hats and hoods when I sneak into theatres - I find ways to get around it - I am slick...
    presents carlywarly who says Sarah from New Jersey asks What's your favorite alcoholic beverage? I sometimes bartend and you can tell a lot about a person from what they drink.
    My favourite is - I like whiskeys.... I like Jack Daniels - and Crown Royal
    presents Mel from World of Britney.com who says what are you most proud of in your life?
    I meet a lot of people and they tell me they had an impression of someone like me and people expect me to have more of an attitude and when they meet me I am a simple humble guy and they dont expect that - and when people say I am nice person it means more to tme than anything
    presents carlywarly who says Renee from Adelaide asks First, congrats on your album. What do you think about programs that let people download music for free?
    presents MzQtWidDaBootie who says boxers or briefs
    sleeping - nude - dancing - boxer briefs... kind of a mixture - athletic boxer briefs...
    Thanks everyone !

    Posted by Waliks
    Please note that Justin asked to not be asked questions about Britney, so what I asked was an exception and the best they could do....sorry :(
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