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    Интервью с JC Chasez c Z100 на инглише, 13 января 2003

    Title: Completed Transcript from Z100 Interview w/ JC 
    Date: January 13, 2003
    Credit: Z100
    Submitted by: babyblueg

    Cubby: We had kind of a lull in the action. Then all the big celebs come by.*laughs*

    JC: Well ya know what? We're celebrities, we have to run late.

    Cubby: Exactly. JC Chasez is with me at the Shrine Auditorium gettin' ready for AMAs which start up in a little bit. ABC7, 8 o'clock (EST). Dude, what's up with the outfit? I'm diggin' it? It's like a hard core Avril Lavigne.

    JC: I guess so. I don't know...it's like a Burberry meets Westside Story meets Urban Outfitters.

    Cubby: And it's old school meets modern.

    JC: You could do that.

    Cubby: You know what I'm sayin'? What is JC Chasez doin' tonight on the AMAs? Are we gonna see ya on tv?

    JC: Yeah. I'm just goin' and introduce some stuff. I gonna be presenting with LeAnne Rimes and Tyrese.

    Cubby: Oh awesome. That'll be fun.

    JC: It's a cool crowd we got.

    Cubby: I haven't seen ya in a couple of months and we were talkin' about the album. It's still on? We still on for March?

    JC: Yeah yeah yeah. I'm workin. I was actually in the studio last night, dude. I'm whippin' up some new stuff. Everyday it's like pushing myself to do something new and different. The record's turning out to be an amazing mix of...I don't even know how to explain it.

    Cubby: Is "Blowin' Me Up" a good example of how the whole album is gonna be like?

    JC: Uh, no. *laughs*

    Cubby: Oh really? So that's like the left-field track?

    JC: No no no no! I mean like that's a solid track. That'll be on the record or whatever but there's so many different styles. It's such an ecclectic collection of material that I think people are gonna be really pleased because I'm going more musical with this kinda stuff. Believe it or not, even though "Blowin' Me Up" was a thumper in a way, it actually had a lot to offer because the break was so different.

    Cubby: Right.

    JC: And unique compared to the rest of the songs. I'm trying to create stories in all of the songs that are a little more in depth and I trying to create I would say, more musical material.

    Cubby: Dude, I can't wait for the album. I can't wait. And I'll see ya tonight on tv man.

    JC: Indeed.

    Cubby: American Music Awards.

    JC: Alright brother.

    Cubby: JC Chasez.

    JC: See ya boy.

    Cubby: God Bless.
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