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    Интервью с Джастином CD NOW на инглише

    Here are just some of the things you don't know about 'NSync frontman Justin Timberlake: He'd love to collaborate with Chris Martin from Coldplay. He feels sorry for the contestants on American Idol (too much pressure, he thinks). If there were to be a Celebrity Death Match between Eminem and fellow 'NSyncer Chris Kirkpatrick, he's fairly confident Kirkpatrick would win ("He's a tough shit"), but isn't sure. And while his just-out solo debut, Justified, may be filled with sad/bitter breakup songs, don't read too much into it. "As far as where I'm at," says Timberlake during a roundtable interview with reporters recently, "I'm cool as a cucumber." 

    CDNOW: Can you talk a little bit about what you can do as a solo artist that you couldn't do with 'NSync? And how does it feel to promote this record without the other guys to support you?

    Justin Timberlake: Well, as far as the things that I can do, I think I'm still learning. This is all a learning experience for me. I've already said some things that I shouldn't have said. I already may have done some things that I shouldn't have done, but you know what? I don't care.

    As far as promoting the record without the guys, it is strange. It's a lot more personal. For some reason, the tabloids have just grabbed a hold of me in the past year. It becomes a little annoying, the fact that people just want to ask personal questions, and I'm kind of like, "Hey, I've got a record coming out, too." But also, I mean, I get it. I understand it; that that's just something that comes along with it, and I'm cool with it. I'm a human like everybody else. I make mistakes, and I know it.

    CDNOW: Will it be hard to go back to being part of a band?

    JT: Well, I think the fact that the guys in the group are my friends, that's what's inspiring [me] to make another record, because there's no egos; everybody's doing what they're doing, because they love to do it. And that's reason enough for me to make a record even if it is a flop. Those are my friends, and they'll always be my friends, and I would never turn my back on them Е It's tough for me to answer that question, because I don't want to come off sounded pretentious. I don't think an 'NSync record is all about me; it's about everybody that's in the group. I would do it in a heartbeat; I can tell you that.

    CDNOW: Nick Carter is putting out a record at the same time. How competitive do you feel with him, and how much pressure do you feel to succeed especially since he's recently been linked to Britney?

    JT: I'm really indifferent about that whole situation -- I mean, obviously I've answered so many questions about my personal life. At this point in my life, there were things that I said probably two months ago that I probably don't even feel the same way about. As far as Nick goes, I wish him the best, and I've heard his first single. That's the only thing I've actually been able listen to.

    As far as anybody comparing the two of us at this point, I personally think it's kind of lazy of the press. I mean, if you listen to [Carter's first single] "Help Me" and you listen to [Timberlake's first single] "Like I Love You," they're two totally different songs, and you can tell that we're two totally different artists. It's like comparing Coldplay to the Vines. I mean, it's just two different things.

    CDNOW:At what point did you start having thoughts of making a solo album?

    JT: Technically, when everything started to move in motion was last year about this time. I sat down individually with each of the guys and just talked to them, and told them this is something that I wanted to do. And I think the timing, it just felt like it was right, because we had just gotten off a stadium tour where you're playing 55 to 60,000 people a night, and it just gets so crazy. It had just gotten so crazy that we all kind of said, "Let's take our time with the next album; let's see where we're at," because I think our music was starting to evolve into something different. And there's no telling where it can go in the future, but I think you can't rush something like that.

    CDNOW:What sort of challenges will the band face when it's time to do the next record?

    JT: I think we helped illustrate that picture with songs like "Gone" and "Girlfriend." Those aren't bubblegum songs. Those come from a different influence, and like I said, I think our music was beginning to evolve in a different way anyways. I know for a fact when we come back to make another 'NSync record everybody's going to have these incredible ideas. I think the challenge is going to be trying to get all of them into the music and trying to get a certain kind of focus on a certain sound. And I think we'll rise to the challenge. I think we work so well together. But being friends, it just makes a difference. It just makes a difference when you're in the studio together.

    CDNOW:Is it fair to say that the new album contains a lot more raw sensuality, more adult themes than your past work? Is that a bit much for your younger fans, or are you only doing this because that's where you're coming from right now?

    JT: Well honestly, when I was making the record, there is a side of me that I think maybe didn't really think too much about it. And then there was another side of me that kind of said, "I wonder what would happen if I tried to manipulate the things that people are saying right now?" So I'm not going to lie; that had a little bit of influence on the lyrics just because I wondered how much I could get away with as far as manipulation goes.

    I can't speak for the rest of the world. I just know that this is where, this is where I came from, and I don't think I'm saying anything [revolutionary] as far as the sensuality, the content on this record. I find it funny that artists like Eminem say things that are intentionally for shock value and then people make emphasis on the things that I say. Not that it's a bad thing. I really, I'm kind of indifferent about it. I just find it funny, but I don't think I'm saying anything that a 21-year-old wouldn't say.

    CDNOW:A lot of the songs on the album that are really personal, were they written with Britney in mind? And also, what's some of your advice for getting over a breakup?

    JT: Well, if you're going to have a relationship, don't do it in the press. I'll tell you that. No, I'm just kidding Е I think half of the album does come from personal experience, but the other half is completely fantasized, made up. Maybe I was living in a matrix; I don't know.

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