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    Интервью с Джои Фэтоном на инглише, сентябрь 2002

    Performing with *NSYNC, you're pretty used to hearing the roar of the crowd. But when was the last time you smelled the greasepaint? 
    Ah...high school--Dr. Phillips in Orlando, Florida.

    What was the last show you did?
    Damn Yankees.

    And you were...
    Joe Hardy.

    Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, Mo! I should have guessed. Did you do a lot of high school stuff?
    Yeah, it was pretty cool. We did three plays a year--that was unheard of for a high school. Every year, we would do a Shakespeare, then a dramatic play, then a musical. For example, The Merchant of Venice, The Grapes of Wrath, then Guys and Dolls.

    You're doing Shakespeare at, like, 16. Did you like it?
    It was difficult. Difficult and fun. When we did Merchant of Venice: There's Lancelot Gobbo and there's his father, old Gobbo. And the teacher would have an understudy night. So she made me and this other guy each other's understudies! We'd do it four nights: I would play old Gobbo one night, and Lancelot one night, and he would do vice-versa. It was pages and pages of stuff, backwards and forwards.

    So you pretty much knew you wanted to be an actor.
    Yeah, I always wanted to.

    And you always dreamed of being on Broadway?
    Oh, all of us drama geeks wanted to do Broadway.

    Did you see shows here?
    I was in Florida, so I never got a chance to go to New York really except to see family. But some friends of mine turned me on to musicals--they always had the soundtracks.

    Yeah? What are your favorites? Besides Rent, of course.
    The Goodbye Girl; that one wasn't around for very long. Chess, Secret Garden...

    Wow. Not exactly your mainstream musicals. But you finally got to Broadway. How'd your big opening feel?
    My official opening. It was a lot of fun. Some friends of mine came, my family came. It was interesting because it was "opening night"--meanwhile I've been doing it for three weeks! I think of opening as August 5.

    What was that like?

    What's going through your mind?
    "Am I really doing this?" "I hope I don't screw up!"

    Did you? Nah, you didn't.
    I didn't.

    Rent must be hard to handle, though. It's pretty much nonstop singing.
    Especially my character--I'm on stage a lot. At first it was overload. I was like, oh my god, I'm going to do this? But every night after rehearsal I was watching the show, so I'd have a sense of where Mark stands, how he does this, how that's supposed to work. And you mess up once or twice or three times. But by the second week--

    It had totally sunk in.

    You said your parents came for the show. What do they think of seeing their son on stage?
    They love it. My dad was like, "You did great, but you need to make sure you're doing this and this." He likes to critique me.

    Is he a performer?
    He used to be and still tries to be. [laughs] He used to be way back when. He was in a group called A Not So Boy Band. They're all guys and they're all like 35 and over. They've actually opened for us.

    You got your father's review, but what about your bandmates--have they all seen you in Rent?
    Chris is actually coming tonight; JC and Justin saw my opening.

    Were you worried about performing in front of them, as opposed to with them?
    I was excited and nervous to hear what they'd say.

    And they gave you the thumbs-up, I'm sure. But would they ever give you a bad review?
    Of course! They're my best friends. They would tell me if I sucked.

    Not that you would suck. But they'd be totally honest.
    Hey, that's what friends are for.

    So Justin's got his solo album, you're on Broadway, Lance is--well, let's come back to that one.
    Everybody's on a break, and then we start back up next year. The next album will probably be in the middle of next year.

    It's nice that you guys get a rest. It gives you time to do things like Rent. Or My Big Fat Greek Wedding--which is like the biggest hit of the summer.
    That was one of my first films.

    You did it before On the Line?
    Yeah. Greek Wedding was on hold for a long time--about a year and a half.

    Do you want to do more movie work?
    Oh, I hope so. I love it. I can't wait to do it again. I just want to work with the right people, find a good script.

    Your fans seem to follow you whatever you do. A lot of them have been lining up for Rent.
    It's interesting to see some of these kids who have never seen a Broadway show.

    Do they yell stuff? "Joey, can I be your girlfriend!"
    Not really. They're smarter than that.

    When you're at the stage door singing autographs, do they talk about the show, or is it all about how Celebrity changed their lives?
    They comment on--believe it or not--the Rent stuff. And the moves, which is kind of cool.

    You're in the show through December 22. Any post-Rent plans?
    Who knows--I just might take a break.

    Speaking of breaks, I have to ask you about Lance's vacation plans. Is he really going into space?
    As far as I know. I think he is. He was in Houston, and I think he went back to Russia. I think it's happening at the end of this month.

    That might be scarier than doing Broadway. But it's pretty cool.
    It's exciting. But my feet are on the ground, thanks.
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