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    KIISfm, 9 2002

    Title: Completed Justin Transcript from KIISfm Interview in L.A. 
    Date: September 09, 2002
    Source: Mai
    Transribed by: Mai

    Intro: Now Jojos gonna talk to someone really famous.

    Justin: Not really famous just famous.

    JoJo: No u are really famous.

    Justin: Not really really famous.

    JoJo: Okay my god. Ladies and gentlemen, Justin Timberlake in the studio right now. Can u hear anything dude? Oka

    Justin: WOW.

    JoJo: ow u feelin dude? U feelin good?

    Justin: I.. What??

    JoJo: I cant.. huh? What? My ears are goin (A lot of screamin goin on in the beginning)

    Justin: Im good, Im good.

    JoJo: Been busy w/ the new album, I know.

    Justin: Yeah, yeah I just been finishin up some mixin. Thats why I was late.

    JoJo: So, So the album

    Justin: I was lain some stuff for some people that I know and Im just gonna be honest w/ u

    JoJo: I assume, I dont know how long it takes to put together an album, after all its recorded and everything but I would just assume everything is put together but your like twikin and adjusted last minute stuff I guess.

    Justin: Well, I ummm took ten days off after the Celebrity Tour that we did the arena tour and ummThen I just went in and spent about 6 weeks straight then I came out w/ like 20 something, 22 songs and Im only gonna use 12 sooo

    JoJo: What happens to the other songs?

    Justin: I dont know

    JoJo: Mabe u could like

    Justin: Lost in the vault. (uses a Deeeeep scary voice hahahaha)

    JoJo: Dum da dumm. I should just say this rite now, this guy, I was ask on some tv show, I forget the name of it, but its gonna be on like Vh1 or MTV

    Justin: Thats really good

    JoJo: Yeah

    Justin: I love it when people tell a story but they really dont know anything there sain

    JoJo: Youll get a lot of this tonight.

    Justin: J/k

    JoJo: But they ask me to make some comments are certain artists, and I said that if there was a stock market in the music on people like I can put money down on, like Im gonna invest in so and so

    Justin: Bobby Brown

    JoJo: I said Bobby BrownNo I said Usher and Justin Timberlake.

    Justin: Wow

    JoJo: so, dude I think your

    Justin: Thanks man

    JoJo: From the outside lookin in it just seems like you would be like very very not worry, nervous but I guess its only human to be nervous about your new project

    Justin: Im a little nervous, Im a little nervous umm Im excited though cuz I really felt like I really took some leaps w/ a certain sound w/ this record.

    JoJo: Yeah, well dudewere getting all intense

    Justin: And if that doesnt work for u then its just damn fun.

    JoJo: I may need a hug if he keeps lookin at me like hey Justin, hey dude, whats up brother

    Justin: Are u kiddin?

    JoJo: Im lookin at u

    Justin: Are u kiddin? U dont wanna do it on the radio

    JoJo: Youre intensing me out dude, youre intensing me out.

    Justin: You dont want me to put u on blast on the radio do u?

    JoJo: No dude

    Justin: okay than

    JoJo: ladies and gentlemen Justin Timberlake in the studio. Jimmy Fallon @ # 9

    Justin proceeds to impersonate and sing Idiot boyfriend being a dork

    JoJo: ladies and gentlemen in the studio the man Justin

    Justin: The man, the myth, the mth

    JoJo: Earl u said man I cant hear jack squat.

    Justin: whos jack squat?

    JoJo: u dont like your last name dude?

    Justin: I dont like my last name

    JoJo: wh not? Whats wrong w/ timberlake?

    Justin: TimberI just(uses deep barbaric voice) me timberlakeu cool water.

    Tony: if u could pick a last name though what would u name yourself?

    Justin: ummmm Anti-disestablishment terrianism

    JoJo: I would never get that out dude.

    Justin: I dont knowI named my last name JoJo, so it would be Justin Jojo

    JoJo: Justin JoJo

    Justin: it be like mI be...I go I be a hip hop artist.

    JoJo: let me try it out see how it works. Ladies and gentlemen Justin Jojo

    Justin: No

    JoJo: It sounds like two first names, stick w/ what u got its workin for u dude.

    Justin: I think it puts a really bad image in my mind, so never mind.

    JoJo: Its unique, everybody else has this funky name wait hang on I just got that

    Justin: laughs really weird

    JoJo: oure mess up dude

    Justin: Im j/k

    JoJo: Hey laura say hi to justin timberlake

    Laura: i Justin

    Justin: e how u doin?

    Laura: Im really good. Ive been callin non-stop since Thursday to try to get a pass to get to come in tonight but since I couldnt get in I decided to call in and talk to u tonight instead.

    Justin: Cool

    Laura: I have By the way how are u?

    Justin: Im good, Im good. Are u good?? If your good, then Im good.

    Laura: omg Im really happy rite now u have no idea.

    Justin: cool that makes me happy.

    Laura: I have 2 questions for u.

    Justin: oka

    Laura: the first one iswhere did u get the inspiration to write the songs on your new album, like where did u pull those lyrics from?

    Justin: ummm well laura when I was a young lad no I think songs can come from different ideas ummm they dont always have to be specifically something that happened that u know sometime comes from ideas there are some songs that I wrote where things that specifically happened... ummm some I just kind of construed in my head I mean Gone a lot of people think it had a specific meaning but honestly I just wrote that off the top of my head and it was melody driven and it seemed like a sad song and Gone just seemed like and appropriate

    *Sad background music starts playing like someones about to die that kind*

    Jojo: I thought we get some emotional music goin there Justin.

    Justin: LookLook

    *Laughing in the background*

    Jojo: sorry dude, I didnt mean to do that

    Justin: But I basically just wanted to do some songs that would make u get off your ass and dance.

    JoJo: what generally comes first the music or the words? Or is it kind of like a half and half?

    Justin: I mean Songs come to u however they come to u and u appreciate them because they came to u

    JoJo: do u find it easier the songs that come really quick, like omg that was easy the better songs or..?

    Justin: yeah I think I mean honestly and from 1 to 12 it was not that heavily thought out I mean thats why it only took 5 to 6 weeks to do.

    JoJo: thats got to feel good no writers block at all just bam bam

    Justin: yeah it was good times timing was rite.

    Laura: okay I know this is a long shot but it would make my life complete if u would go out to dinner w/ me tomorrow night.

    JoJo: OMG

    Justin: Whoa do I have to pay??

    Laura: No Ill pay

    Justin: Im J/K

    Laura: No Ill pay Please

    JoJo: hold that thought we have to take the date info off the radio

    Justin: starts laughing

    JoJo: Justin Timberlake in the studio hes bangin on his candy over there dude. Okay dude

    Justin: I got some Mike&Ikes

    JoJo: We put up a big old basket full of junk food. U like?

    Justin: This is wonderful, thank u sir.

    JoJo: No roblem we got some water, those sour thingies.

    Justin: we got some mike&ikess, starburst, hot tamales, jolly ranchers.

    JoJo: anthing for a good interview

    Justin: anthing horrible for your teeth.

    JoJo: exactl so if Justin gets a cavity u can blame it on us.

    Justin: Its Jojos fault.

    JoJo: Dude #7 its nick carter. I know that theres been a lot made between the two groups, drama, u guys probably dont care about all the drama, have u guys ever had lunch together anything like that.

    Justin: ummm weve got a chance I mean obviously their schedule is probably just as crazy as ours so u dont get a chance to hang out w/ anybody period. But umm we use to hang out a little bit when we would do shows over in Germany, Europe and umm Ive seen him a couple of times... the last time that I think I saw all of them as a group was at the September 11 benefit concert in D.C. But Nick is a cool gu I mean they always have been cool to me.

    JoJo: Im just curious cuz u always assume

    Justin: I knew u were goin to ask.

    JoJo: No my god I just saw your watch, dude that freakin thing is massive

    Justin: Dude

    JoJo: Let me just play the song

    Justin: Dude u know what the say about guys with big watches

    *Audience cheering and screaming*

    JoJo: what do they say?

    Justin: The say ummmm.

    JoJo: The name starts w/ J something

    Justin: our suppose to leave that alone

    JoJo: M man Justin Timberlake in the studio

    *Lots of cheering from the audience*

    Justin: Man

    JoJo: Oh yes Love for Mr. Justin

    Justin: Man every time u play a song or u go to a commercial break Im going to get so excited cuz I get like the intro and the applause every time. Youre even giving me a drum roll rite now.

    JoJo: Yeah dude, Do u prefer a drum roll or like a beat of some sort, gimme me a little beat or something

    Justin: A little beat?

    JoJo: Producer Tony is goin fix up a little something rite here.

    Justin: Okay

    JoJo: Do u want a little hip hop kind of thingy thingy rite here or

    Justin: Yeah that would work.

    JoJo: ummmmm u like that or not

    Justin: Yeah

    JoJo: I got a telephone call for u dude her name is Vivian she lives in San Gabrial, Vivian say hi to Justin Timberlake.

    Vivian: Hi Justin.

    Justin: Hi how u doin?

    Vivian: o my goodness okay, okay.

    Justin: Do u like this beat? Do u like this beat? Are u comfortable w/ this beat rite now?

    Vivian: yeah totally its a cool beat, its good

    Justin: Okay so then we can proceed

    Vivian: Okay I have 2 questions for u.

    Justin: Okay

    Vivian: Okay, one what do u do to relax when u have a break from your hectic schedule?

    JoJo: he hangs out w/ me

    Justin: Thats definitely not relaxing.

    Audience laughs

    JoJo: yeah thats a good pt.

    Justin: ummm uhhh your first answer is I put on some Coldplay, probably take a bath, take a bath. Im into aroma therapy, I like candles

    JoJo: all the ladies are like ahhhh

    Audience laughs

    Justin: O come on man.

    JoJo: dude I just saw them I looked over there like o god, he didnt say bath did he

    Justin: I like candles. What do u do to relax?

    Vivian: Same thing u do.

    Justin: Oh yeah.

    Vivian: Bath and vanilla candles.

    Justin: Mabe at one point in our lives we were lighting candles simultaneously across the world.

    Vivian: Awwwww

    Audience: awwwww some laughin

    Justin: starts laughin Mabe not. Im J/K. Okay what was the second question.

    Vivian: oka Im not as far fetch as Laura but can I have an autograph?

    Justin: Sure

    JoJo: Oka let me get the address and try to mail somethin out to u okay?

    Vivian: Thank u so much Justin and JoJo.

    Justin: Your quite welcome.

    JoJo: old on a second Vivian.

    Justin: She thanked u too.

    JoJo: She did, thank u Vivian, hold on a secondWe jumin into #6 Business w/ Eminem. And ummm in a few seconds well get all the details on your album release and concert tours comin up. Do u have a concert tour planned as far as sole or are u goin to do that at all?

    Justin: Im gonna wait and see how this Im releasin an album thats all I know.

    JoJo: Thats a big deal dude. Well get to that in a second, Justin Timberlake everyone.

    Justin: Im just glad to be here man.

    JoJo: Im glad oure here bro.

    Loud cheering going into # 6 and coming back from that song

    JoJo: Justin Timberlake is here. Yo!

    Justin: Wow

    JoJo: That was a little weaker this time.

    Justin: Yeah I think their getting restless. I just fed them the candy.

    JoJo: Did u not like it?

    Justin: No I like it, I just wanted to share it.

    JoJo: oka dude, lets get some details on this album man cuz u got NOT some duets but some guest appearances type things comin up on the album.

    Justin: Uhhh yeah I think

    JoJo: Settle down in the crowd u crazy bunch of

    Justin: I think I got lets see I did a song w/ Bubba Sparx, and umm the first singles is w/ the Clipse ummm Pharrell did some vocals, Timbaland did some vocals

    JoJo: Now u seem to swear by him and his whole crew.

    Justin: Pharrell? Pharrell and Chad to me ummm are just they understand groove and so does Timbaland. I mean both totally different but both understand groove and to me thats such a foundation for everything funky.

    JoJo: Can we say who else may make a guess appearance on your album or is it?

    Justin: Ummm no no no, ummm Janet may be on the record.

    JoJo: Janet


    Justin: Yeah, yeah.

    JoJo: People like to talk trash w/ u and Janet and all that stuff.

    Justin: Yeah

    JoJo: U guys close friends I mean Im not gonna go there but what

    Justin: Yeah, Yeah

    JoJo: Shes hot dude

    Justin: Yeah shes hot, shes Janet

    JoJo: God shes hot

    Justin: yeah, punch her in the face cuz shes hot

    JoJo: Yeah what do u want Avril Lavigne to do?

    Justin: Avril Lavigne should punch me in the face.

    JoJo: Wha? Why the hell would you want her to punch u in the face?

    Justin:Shes hot, she should punch me in the face, shes seventeen though

    JoJo: O okay, guys get your calls in Justin Timberlakes here. But before we go to the break we were chattin and playin a Michael Jackson beat.

    Justin: Play it

    JoJo: Okay were gonna play it again. Okay give me a comment u said this was your favorite album of all time.

    Justin: I like listen to about the first 15 seconds, listen to the vocal percussions.

    JoJo: And this album came out in 78 or 79 it stood test of time, it also had a big influence on u.

    They start playin the song Justin is singin along.

    Justin: This album influence everybody who was ever born.

    JoJo: wow thats a big statement to saWhat was it like workin w/ Mike?

    Justin: Oh it was cool man on the vmas and also his secial I mean come on man it was a dream come true.

    JoJo: ave u everI would imagine u dealt w/ your nerves as far as going on stage u can handle being nervous or butterflies or whatever u call it, but at that pt when Michael jumps out was the butterflies in high gear cuz that was Michael Jackson?

    Justin: Yeah, Yeah honestly.

    JoJo: There thats just cool.

    Justin starts singing along to the song.

    JoJo: Man he cant sit still.

    Justin: Its Michael.

    JoJo: You know people are lookin at Michael now the younger generation they got the finger pointed at u.

    Justin: Oh come on man, I just be me, and Ill just be me.

    JoJo: Well let me rephrase that the big entertainer of their life they look up to.

    Justin: Those are some big shiny shoes, glove and hat to fill. So Ill just be me.

    JoJo: I think your gonna do all rite. You guys keep your calls comin through. Justin Timberlake is in the studio rite now.

    Justin: Youre too kind.

    JoJo: were just about to jump into #5 but tonight its all about Justin Timberlake we even got MTV in the studio today dude. Now these guys have been followin u around for the whole album rogressin where did they start at? Now the show is called Launch.

    Justin: Yeah the show MTV is doing a new show and Im the first episode and its called Launch.

    JoJo: And where like at what point did they start? Like just writing the trackshow so did they jump on?

    Justin: Yeah, from the very beginning, theve been there from the very very beginning. From getting off the plane in Virginia to start writing the tracks.

    JoJo: Now why did u guys pick Virginia? Or is that the home of

    Justin: Thats where the Neptunes are. Thats where I wanted to start the writing of the record, but I mean I went everywhere. I went to Philadelphia, New York, L.A.?

    JoJo: ave a favorite place?

    Justin: Antarctica.

    JoJo: Antarctica.

    Justin: Nuhh, no I didnt go

    JoJo: oka thenFabeola (sp??) are u there.

    Fabeola: Yeah Im here.

    JoJo: say hi to Justin.

    Fabeola: hey Justin, how are u?

    Justin: Hey whats up?

    Fabeola: not much

    Justin: Call Fabeola rite now for your free reading. (Uses Jamaican psychic voice)

    Laughing goin on

    JoJo: Whats your question for Justin?

    Fabeola: I have a question

    Justin: Oh girl I think I see something in your past. Its gonna affect your future. (Uses Jamaican psychic voice)

    More Laughing

    Fabeola: okay

    JoJo: Have you ever called that lady you know whats here name Ms. Cleo?

    Justin: Cleo

    JoJo: You ever call her?

    Justin: Hell no. (High pitch voice)

    Jojo: You know late at night in the hotel and your boredmaybe

    Justin: No NoNosomebodys gonna, if somebodys gonna tell me my future for real they dont have earrings that big.

    Laughing goin on

    JoJo: Thats true. Plus that whole taro card thing. Some girl that works here brought some taro cards up here and it freaked me out, dude, I couldnt even touch them.

    Justin: Really was it dead on.

    JoJo: No no I wouldnt let her give me a reading. That freaks me out dude.

    Justin: Oh okay.

    JoJo: Oh okay whats your question?

    Justin: Oh yeah hey where are u?

    Fabeola: Im rite here.

    Justin: Yeah, sorry. Okay

    Fabeola: okay first of all my question is what is your biggest career fear?

    Justin: The biggest career fear?

    Fabeola: eah.

    Justin: M biggest fearm biggest fear is kind of something that I carried around as a kid is that if I lose my voice.

    JoJo: Whoa, has that ever happened or come close to happening?

    Justin: Yeah, I mean Ive lost it before, I mean Ive gotten sick before and its horrible, its the most miserable Ive ever been.

    JoJo: ave you canceled shows before? Or had to cancel because of that?

    Justin: Weve never canceled a show.

    JoJo: Wow dude, and u done tons of shows. Like what do u do to prepare your voice to sing everyday?

    Justin: You drink a lot of tea, u dont talk a lot when oure on tour.

    JoJo: You just kind of lounge.

    Justin: eah there was one period of time where I started to get really sick and I just stop talkin period unless I was on stagecarried a pen, I know this sounds stuid

    JoJo: No no it doesnt sound stupid that makes sense.

    Justin; I carried a pen and pad around with me because I was so scared that I wasnt gonna have a voice for the show.

    JoJo: Ya know thats kind of freaky sounding from the outside lookin in but when your in there and thats the way you make our and thats your lively hood man you got to sing.

    Justin: eah

    JoJo: You cant sing 80,000 people go home upset.

    Justin: what happens when the running back breaks his ankle?

    JoJo: Aww dude he sits on the bench and somebody else get his job.

    Justin: Thats right.

    JoJo: e what does the other fellas of the group think of the album or have they heard it yet.

    Justin: Ummm Chris has heard a big portion of it, obviously I havent been able to play any of it for Lance.

    JoJo: eah cuz hes over in space land.

    Justin: eah ummm and uhhh I played a little bit of it for Joey, cuz I went and saw him actually just do Rent on Broadway.

    JoJo: eah how he do?

    Justin: Its incredible.

    JoJo: Uh huh I never been like never been to a Broadway play.

    Justin: and Im like really skeptical, Im the critic of critics especially on Broadway you cant mess up once or people are going to remember that. Live stuff, he was unreal. Im not just sayin that cuz hes my friend, Im just sayin

    JoJo: That good?

    Justin: yeah, am I a walking promotion for Joey now.

    JoJo: you pretty much

    Justin: I dont care. What did I say to him, I should of punch him in the face.


    JoJo: Yeah exactly, could you ever see yourself doin Broadway.. No

    Justin: I dont know.

    JoJo: Jusin Timberlake

    Background music starts to play to introduce Sk8ter boy by Avril Lavigne.

    Justin: This girl (Starts making punching noises.)

    JoJo: he wants Avril Lavigne to punch him in the facedude Im not sure thats a good idea, dude she would whoop that ass, dude, she aint no joke

    Justin: ya think? Shes a midget.

    JoJo: JoJo on the radio w/ the man Justin Timberlake. Now I have to jump into Dirty by Christina Aguilera quick telephone call uhhhh yo Kristin are u there?

    Kristin: Yes I am here.

    JoJo: Say hi real quick to Justin Timberlake.

    Kristin: hi Justin.

    Justin: How u doin?

    Kristin: Im doin good. U?

    Justin: Thats good.

    JoJo: Whats your question?

    Justin: Im just eatin some Mike&Ikes.

    Kristin: Well actually before I get to my questions is it okay if I tell u something?

    Justin: Ummm if its okay w/ u?

    Kristin: okay its perfect w/ me. Umm okay theres two things I need to tell you rite

    JoJo: Is this gonna take a half hour, should I just go ahead and play the song and give u guys some quiet time.

    Kristin: oh sure why not.

    JoJo: oka let me go ahead and jump into the track and u guys will talk personal off the air okay?

    Justin: Yeah okay well talk catch up on moments past.

    JoJo: Let u guys have a little moment. Christina Aguilera its Dirty on kiisfm, keep your calls cominits BBmak out of my heart at #2

    Justin: Actuall JoJo its #3 why dont u get your umm stuff together

    JoJo: Acckkk crasorr Justin

    Audience: OOOOOOOO

    Justin: Do I have to come in here and do your job?

    JoJo: Sorr brotha. Thats my fault and u know what Ill never ever ever do that again. My bad.

    This announcement plays:

    KIIS FM would like to apologize JoJo has F***** up again please stand by (corny old music plays for 3 secs.) we apologize for this inconvenience and now JoJo on the radio. They play this thing every time Jojo messes up, its funny.

    JoJo: sorr about that dude, Im on my best behavior from now on. #...

    Justin: # 3

    JoJo: # 3 Sir, Justin Timberlake, BBmak out of my heart and uhhh I think we have a # 1 song tonight in a few moments that u guys may like, Justin u ready for your track comin up?

    Justin: Oh Im #1?

    JoJo: Oh dont say it yet.

    JoJo: this is 2 now rite?

    Justin: Yeah # 2.

    JoJo: Now this girl who won America Idol.

    Justin: Thee American Idol.

    JoJo: What did u think about that did u watch the show?

    Justin: I thought it was cool, I think Kells voice is incredible, asI think the last 4 their voices were incredible, I really was a big fan of Tamyra, I have to be honest.

    JoJo: When she got voted off were u like ahhh dude?

    Justin: ..um(snorted)uh no umm, its I mean its a show, its a show. Anybody who watches it should realize it its a show too. And dont take it too seriously.

    JoJo: What do u think her chances are after she has totally step away from the show to carry on into solo success?

    Justin: I think that she has a better chance cause she doesnt have the spotlight on her immediately. I mean there is going to be a lot of pressure on this girl, Kelly, but I think her voice is magnificent.

    JoJo: Thats true.

    Justin: If I do say so myself.

    JoJo: What did u think of the guy who had your name Justin..?

    Justin: Its his name too. It just doesnt have to be my name.

    JoJo: yeah thats true but then he had the curly hair.

    Justin: Yeah thats his hair too.

    JoJo: He kind of stole my hair dude though.

    Justin: U think?

    JoJo: Yeah I mean his looks a little better than mine but dude. Hows my hair lookin tonight by the way?

    Justin: Its its ummm

    JoJo: U normally clown me.

    Justin: Itsits. awful.

    Laughin by all

    JoJo: That was # 2 and of course u all know Justin in the studio Justin Timberlake. Dude what have I forgot to ask u? omg anything? Weve covered the album comin out

    Justin: November 5th

    JoJo: November 5th justified

    Justin: Justiified.

    JoJo: ummm

    Justin: Bonafied, Certified..

    JoJo: Sweetwhat

    Justin: Crazified

    JoJo: This guy is insane dude

    Justin: Sorry

    JoJo: Its all good

    Justin: U can talk now

    JoJo: No its all good, dude?

    Justin: laughin

    JoJo: U lookin at me funny dude

    Justin: Im not lookin at u funny Im just really waiting for u to say something.

    JoJo: Oh I

    Justin: that has meaning to something.

    JoJo: oh u want meaning aww crap dude

    Justin: J/K.J/K

    JoJo: By the way dude every time I go to I seen u at a couple of things done a couple of gigs.

    Justin: rite

    JoJo: and u blame me at one point for the reason u cut your hair, cuz u said is my hair really that bad Justin?

    Justin: Your hair is not reall

    JoJo: I have a complex dude I swear I have a complex thing. Give me some tips anthing

    Justin: I mean w/ my hair..

    JoJo: other than shaving other than shaving

    Justin: ummm see thats what I did

    JoJo: Looks good on u but see I have a

    Justin: Do u have an egg head Jojo?

    JoJo: Yeah the egg head or melon head thing whatever u want to call it

    Justin: Do u have a BIG melon?

    JoJo: Yeah its a big

    Justin: LOOK at the size of that cranium. (uses a funny voice)

    JoJo: Lookin like a little alien thing goin up here so u know I just

    Justin: Dude I like your hair its u its u (high pitch voice)

    JoJo: What about the toe fetish thing? Do u find that odd cuz I dig ladies toes?

    Justin: I cant get with that Im sorry.

    JoJo: Aww its okay.

    Justin: I think feet look like warped hands.

    Audience: Laughing and some were like ewwwww

    JoJo: That wasnt exactly a ringing endorsement of the toe thing

    Justin: Yeah

    JoJo: Dude have u had a good time so far tonight? Cuz I really appreciate u comin in

    Justin: eah Im havin a blast.

    JoJo: Awesome and have u guys had a good time tonight too?

    Audience: Cheers

    JoJo: #1 song comin up next Im just gonna take one more quick question from this girl on the phone and uhhh well take a break after that come back with numero uno.

    Caller: e Jojo theres something I have to tell Justin.

    JoJo: Oka let me patch u through. What would u like to say.

    Caller: Three year ago when I was diagnose w/ (Im not sure what it is or how to spell it so its some sickness, sorry) which is my illness I thought I would never get through that part of my life, I was planning on giving it all up when I heard God Must Have Spent for the first time (I didnt get the two words she said) that night I threw what I was going to use away and here I am living a great life because of u. Thank You so much.

    JoJo: Wow

    Justin: Wow

    Audience: clapping an cheering

    Justin: Well I think u have such a big heart and so brave for doing what u just did. And Im so happy that I if even for 5 minutes that that *NSYNC and myself that we made u smile. That makes what I do worth all theIm gonna get choked up manthat makes what I do worth all the long hours and long nights in the studio and having to travel all over the world. So thank you for sharing that with me.

    Caller: I just wanted to let u know that Ive been a fan for 9 years since you were on the MMC.

    Justin: Thank you. Some one of my close close friendsI want u to listen to this closely. One of my close close friend who is so dear to me ummm shes much older and wiser than me but she told me one day that perfection in disguise is still perfection, so even though theres something that u may feel is holding your body back from being what uwhat u think it should be, u are exactly who u are and you are beautiful for that. I dont know a lot of people how could call up a huge radio station and do what u just did and that I think is beautiful. So dont ever forget that.

    Caller: I wont, my mom would like to say thank you.

    Callers Mom: I wanna say God Bless u and your family.

    Justin: Thank You

    Callers Mom: we support u and all your endeavors and u have made my daughter very happy.

    Justin: Thank You Im so glad.

    Callers Mom: Youre a really great kid.

    Justin: Aww dont do this to me Mom. Youre going to make me cry on the radio.

    Goes to commercial cuz everyones getting choked up

    Live Commercial the DJ and a guest celebrity reads:

    Justin: If oure driving around with worn out break pads then get in the Zone. Auto Zone. Get a new set of breaks and make sure your car stops like it should. Get in the Zone Auto Zone. (Uses a funny fast used cars man voice sort of thing like those commercials u see to my like the hair thing.)

    JoJo: Can u guess what is # 1 tonight?

    Justin: Wow

    JoJo: We chat about weird stuff off the air dude.

    Justin: Yeah

    JoJo: What was it like when u guys were at Wango Tango and u guys jumped on stage w/ Lenny I think it was fly away or something?

    Justin: Yeah that was fun man, that was a dream come true.

    JoJo: Was that planned at all or was it just hey u wanna go up there?

    Justin: well we were hosting the show, we were hosting Wango Tango that year and ummm he was erformin and he just approached us and was like I know u guys do like the 5 part harmon so we just went in his trailer like half hour before his performance and he was just lain on his guitar and we were just worked it out and just came out there and did it w/ him it was so much fun.

    JoJo: It looked good man.

    Justin: I was a rocker for about 4 and - minutes.

    JoJo: That was a trip cuz I didnt

    Justin: But I had cornrows so that kind of whatever.

    JoJo: oh yeah that was the first time u had the corn row thing in your hair rite? Cuz I didnt see anything in the

    Justin: Ma be u should do that?

    JoJo: Oh dude

    Justin: No?...No.

    JoJo: Well Ive been thinking about it

    Justin: No, lookin at your head, nope Noope NOooPE.

    JoJo: what if u have an egg head?

    Justin: NOPE nope Nope NOPE.

    JoJo: Oh cornrows dont work w/ an egg head, Damn dude I need. If u come up with any ideas email me some like JoJo please shave the left side and carve a T I dont know

    Justin: Send me your 8 by 10 and Ill do look over

    JoJo: Youll do a little damage to it

    Justin: Ill use it as a dart board.

    JoJo: Yeah exactly, I know how was the video thing give me like the details on the video, u proud of the video, the way it turned out.

    Justin: Yeah the video came out today. So they did the u know the making of the video . Makin of the video w/ Justin Timberlake. Thats what the guy sounds like. It was fun. ( he uses the same voice as in the makin of the video show makin fun of how they say it.)

    JoJo: is the video Ive been on the set of a few videos and when u watch the makin of the video, it looks like something is always goin onbut its like sittin around all day rite?

    Justin: Yeah but realize that they were there for three days but then it was edited down to 30 mintues.

    My tape ran out so I had to stop and flip it over to start recording again on the other side so I missed about 3 to 5 minutes of the convo. SORRY! They were talkin about how Justin would go sit in the trailer during the breaks of the making of the video and play X-Box game Halo w/ Trace. It picks up there.

    Justin: its called Halo.

    JoJo: Halo? I havent played that game. On X-box?

    Justin: Yeah

    JoJo: Is it good?

    Justin: U havent played Halo?

    JoJo: I havent played Halo

    Justin: Omg

    JoJo: dude Im a video game freak

    Justin: I cant even talk to rite now just go ahead and

    JoJo: Omg, whats Halo? Give me the details on Halo? You have to realize at my house I have a xbox, PS2, and P1 and three separate TVs

    Justin: But u dont have Halo?

    JoJo: But no Halo dude what is it?

    Justin: Its combat game.

    JoJo: Like grand theft.

    Justin: Kind of like Doom.

    JoJo: Nooka kind of like Doom.

    Justin: eah but u can fight each other, u can go through the (something?) and u can fight aliens and something

    JoJo: sounds nice Im sorry dude I let u down Justin.

    Justin: I cant believe u whatever

    JoJo: The interview was goin okay until up to that point.

    Justin: I know thats it Im never coming back ever again, punch u in the face.

    JoJo: I know I suck. Im sorry dude. Give a little intro to #1 dude like I love u what do we need to know about this that we dont know already?

    Justin: shooot.u know what? U know what was crazy? When I called up when the song was #1 the dathe song was leaked. I heard the song got leaked.

    JoJo: Yeah, when u called and I was on location in Orange County. Ahh that was funn

    Justin: YeahI was so blown away. First of all my mom was like the played your song on the radio.

    JoJo: Does your mom still freak out when she hears

    Justin: Oh yeah, Shes like Bab they played your song on the radioooo (used a gushing mom voice.) and uhh so then we were like u know they called and said listen listen I bet u kids will vote on it and so I was like and it was #1.

    JoJo: U were shocked by that though?

    Justin: Of course, come on.

    JoJo: I guess maybe if

    Justin: I wanna the reason Im saying this is because I want to say Thank You again to anyone who is calling in for the song because it means a lot to me. Thats very personal.

    JoJo: u know it means a lot to someone who is thankful and not just big headed.

    Justin: its hard, its hard being a musician but its really hard being an artist. To put yourself out there thats dear to your heart, so people can either lift it up or step on it u know its its Im really nervous about this record. And Im glad that people are reacting the way that they are to the single. It makes me feel great. Thank You. Thank You

    JoJo: Let me give u a little intro to roll into the #1 track here I think oure going to do awesome, I think this album is going toIm not going to put hey its gonna sell X amts I wont say anything to u like that but Ill say this album is going to do amazing, its gonna set u apart as a solo artist and uhhh your on the rite track, dude your on the Justin your not imitating Michael Jackson, your doing your own thing, your influence by a lot of people as all people are. I love U.

    Justin: U know what Jojou know what

    JoJo: Whats that ?

    Justin: I think I really do like your hair.

    Audience: Awwwwwwwww

    JoJo: Thank you Justin. Now we got a moment.

    Played Like I Love U @ #1

    JoJo: Did u have a good time tonight, dude?

    Justin: I had a blast. I had a fun time. I always have a good time w/ u JoJo.

    JoJo: And u said earlier off the air that something kind of weird orwhats the phrase u use?

    Justin: Something extraordinary happens every time we do an interview.

    JoJo: And that girl that called up explaining about her sickness, dude that was heavy.

    Justin: Yeah that was cool.

    JoJo: How does that make u feel to hear something like that?

    Justin: I guess it makes what we do worth while and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

    JoJo: Im gonna see u a lot, like I know u got a house here and u be doin a lot of promo

    (Justin starts using this funny voice)

    Justin: Yeah I be chillin in L.A. yo

    JoJo: U gots to come in and hang out.

    Justin: WESTSIDE!

    JoJo: Dude, youre more than welcome to hang out and u got to drop in, if youre a stranger dude Im gonna be heart broken if u dont ring up and say every now and then

    Justin: Thats cool, thats cool

    JoJo: Justin best of luck on the album dude.

    Justin: Im gonna call u.

    JoJo: Yeah u better call me.

    Justin: Im gonna call u.

    JoJo: Ladies and Gentlemen

    Justin: But Im not going to call u if u call me and don ever, eva eva eva eva eva come by here okay

    JoJo: Justins got some issues but its all good cuz hes gonna see the doc soon, and itll be all worked out.
    , . .


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