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    w/Power 106 , 2002

    Big Boy: Alrighty ladies and gentlemen, Justin Timberlake is in the neighborhood. The hat of forbidden questions ladies and gentlemen. 

    JT: A BIG green hat

    BB: Yeah man were gonna go ahead and make it happen now. Justin Timberlake

    JT: I cant even lie, Im really nervous right now.

    BB: Hey man, you know Im not gonna lie, Im not gonna lie player, Im nervous for you.

    Lady: you should be

    BB: At any time, Fuzzy (?) your gonna keep score

    Fuzzy: ready

    BB: any question we ask you, you gotta tell the truth, we try to get through these questions as fast as we can. Theres gonna be some questions that you gotta go ahead and reiterate on. Like I say hey ya know, bull what happened, such and such therell probably be two parts.

    JT: So oull let me know if me answers not good enough for you

    BB: eah yeah

    JT: deep breath WOW!

    BB: You know what Im saying?

    JT: And, and oure gonna be the judge of this?

    BB: you know what man? Hopefully man oull just tell the truth and well get right through them.

    JT: Hopefully.

    BB: Yeah, eah and if at any point, Justin Timberlake, if one questions becomes too much for you **tapping in background**

    JT: Ill just tap out...

    BB: Just tap out just tap out. Alrighty, were going into the first one ladies and gentlemen

    JT: Oh my God

    BB: Alrighty now. The first question is Justin Timberlake if you had to, look a BIG had to is on there

    JT: Ok

    BB: If you HAD to swap one member out of Nsync and add one member of backstreet boys to your group who would you choose, who would you swap out of your group?

    ((Snickering in background))

    JT: umm Alright if I had to swap one member of nsync and add a backstreet bo ummm

    ((More laughing in background))

    JT: I would swap Lance ummm because hes obviously a cosmonaut *laugh* and ummm Ill take AJ, cuz I like him with his problems.

    ((BIG laughs in studio from everyone))

    BB: Alright

    JT: Ill take AJ re Pre problems

    BB: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. *Laughs* Alright, #2 here we go Have you ever had a sexually transmitted disease Justin Timberlake?

    JT: No I have not.

    BB: Go ahead with your bad self as you should.

    JT: and I think everybody should practice safe sex

    BB: Thats what Im talking about I need to just practice. Period. *laughter* Ya know what Ima saying? Jesus Christ.

    BB: whats the nickname, Justin Timberlake, for your private part?

    JT: Big Jim and the Twins.

    BB: Thats what Ima talking about!

    ((laughter and LOTS of snickering in background repeating Justins answer and people going Oh Man!))

    BB: Oh man.

    JT: I just got that off the top of my head no pun intended

    BB: But yo know man, somebody here is gonna be all yo man big Jim and the twins and not even remember you said it.

    BB: Alright Justin Timberlake, have you ever done a song you did not want to do?

    JT: Yes. About 3 or 4 on the first nsync record.

    BB: really dog?

    JT: Really. Some times you got to bit the bullet

    BB: yeah man, bit the bullet, but you all doing the damn thing right now, so yall aint biting the bullet no more.

    BB: Whats your most intimate fantasy?

    JT: My most intimate fantasy?

    BB: Yes sir.

    JT: Ummm Is it a fantasy if youve already done it?


    BB: Ooo Wow, we want to hear that one


    JT: *nervous laugh* Did I get myself into more trouble?

    BB: Oh yes you did

    Lady: Youre so honest

    JT: Umm Honestly? Honestly? I like Baths.

    Lady: So do I

    JT: Something really sexy about a bath bath water.

    BB: I like a hot bath with some of that therapy stuff? Like that man, a strong man rubbing your shoulders and stuff *laughter*

    JT: that water glistening all ov-a yo bod-y. *laughing* ((inside joke? I dont get it but everyone said Justins line together))

    BB: Ok Justin Timberlake, when was the last time you cheated on your girl?

    JT: I never cheat. Never. I dont believe in it.

    Lady: Good for you

    JT: Dont belive in it.

    BB: Good to know. Thats what Im talkin about. Were gonna move on. How many video extras have you had sex with?

    JT: None. But there was one on the Girlfriend video set that I was

    BB: That came close?

    Lady: What about that one chick in Gone? She was a cutie.

    JT: She was hot. She was Croatian... *BB laughs* I remembered that. She didnt speak much English. But what she said sounded really good. ((Justins voice is cute here))

    BB: Justin Timberlake, what is the one thing that you can say about yourself that no one would believe?

    JT: The one thing That Im not cocky.

    BB: I heard that.

    JT: Because I think I am very confident. I like who I am, I feel comfortable in my skin, so I think sometimes when people meet me, Im not very vocal, you know. I like to listen to people and so you know, I think, sometimes it come, it comes across as arrogance, and and I hate that.

    BB: Justin Timberlake, what is the most embarrassing thing your parents ever did to you in public?

    JT: The most embarrassing thing recently, on Driven, on VH1, my mother gave VH1 this tape of me and my friends lip-synching to NKOTB when I was like 10.

    Lady: it was so cute though

    JT: SEE!!!

    Lady: aww it was so cute...

    BB: Oh Lord have mercy

    JT: Dudes that are 21 dont want to be cute baby.

    ((BB laughing))

    Lady: But you know what? Its like a turn on for girls, so there you have it.

    JT: there you have it

    Lady: its a win win situation.

    BB: Then I have to do it then. Now I know what Im doing wrong.

    BB: If you HAD TO, would you eat your own vomit or drink your own urine

    *Pause* JT: NO.

    Lady: you have to do one.

    JT: Oh, if I had to... I have to pick? I heard I heard urine clears a messed up throat

    BB: yeah it does (coughs and snickering in background)

    BB: Ok, listen. Have you ever knocked boots with someone famous?

    JT: Yes.

    BB: and who.

    JT: It DOESNT say and WHO! **Justins voice like goes up all high here funny**

    ((snickering in background, and lots of come on player, who player))

    Fuzzy(?): And who laer he said thered be two part to the questions.

    Lady: Come on, Shaggy answered that one.

    Someone in the background: A lot of people man

    JT: Shaggy answered that one? What did Shaggy say?

    BB: Man, oh you dont want to know, well tell you his off air.

    ((Lots of mumbling, laughing))

    BB: Go ahead Justin come on player

    JT: I cant.

    Lady: Sure you can

    Someone in back: Im sure you have a couple of names to spit out.

    JT: ok, lemme

    Lady: Dont tap out on that one

    Someone else: Is this the one youre gonna tap out on?

    JT: ummm um

    Someone: you got a list huh?

    JT: Um. Um

    *Lost of laughing and snickering and mocking*

    JT: I CANT put anybody on blast though

    BB: come on man

    Background: Were all grown, ya know what Im saying Were all grown.

    JT: Knock boots

    Lady: its adult radio

    JT: knock boots

    BB: With anyone famous and who

    JT: anyone famous

    BB: ya know what man I can really move on to the next one, because we already got an idea of who, you know what Im saying

    JT: So there you go

    BB: There it is right there.

    JT: Im not gonna say I didnt knock boots with anybody Ive been linked with I will say that.

    BB: Youre a G and a half man.

    BB: Aw man, if you HAD TO put a banana, a finger or a gerbil in your butt, which one would you choose? *LOUD Crackling laughter* Thats only if you HAD TO.

    JT: Can it be a pinky finger?

    BB: yeah yeah. of course of course.

    JT: Then well go with that.

    BB: Justin Timberlake whats your favorite form of pornography?

    JT: Two women two women just because its comedy.

    BB: You dog. You ever order it in a hotel?

    JT: Nah, peoples in hotels talk too much.

    BB: yeah yeah they pull up a record and everthing

    BB: Whats the cruelest thing you ever did to a pet?

    JT: I

    BB: uh-o

    JT: My mom had this carrin(?) man, if shes listening right now, shes gonna kill me, she dont know about this. She had this carrin terrier that. every time she would leave the house and leave me with the dog he would turn into this terror and start niin at my ankles and finally one day I got sick of him, so I tossed him down the stairs. Down a whole flight of stairs.

    BB: Did the dog make it?

    JT: He limped for a couple of weeks, but he respected me after that.

    BB: Did your mom know you did it? Yeah he limping around like?

    JT: Oh yeah, He got into a fight with a big dog down the street.

    BB: Justin Timberlake have you ever had any SBP? Have you ever had any SBP Mr. Justin Timberlake.

    JT: SBP, forgive me for my ignorance

    BB: Aw man, its sweet black @#%$. Have you ever had any sweet black @#%$, Justin Timberlake. Have you ever had any SBP. Have you ever partake in any sweet black @#%$. Some sweet black @#%$.

    *lots of laughing crackling in the background*

    JT: The rumors are true.

    BB: Oooh!!!

    JT: And I havent gone back.

    BB: Oooh!!! Man

    JT: they say once you go

    BB: there it is you are a G and a half

    JT: and wow

    BB: Justin Timberlake are you circumcised or not?

    ((Someone is laughing like a hyena in the background))

    JT: *laughing* Definitely

    BB: Alright, alright ((Lots of laughing talking cant make out))

    BB: If you had to vote one of your members off Survivor style, who would you boot off the group?

    JT: uh Chris

    BB: Really?

    JT: Cuz hes crazy. Nah really, hes certifiable.

    BB: Really dog?

    JT: Nah.

    BB: were coming from you brotherWould you rather lose your voice or your tally wack?

    JT: Um, I rather lose my voice

    BB: Justin Timberlake when was the last time you were in a threesome?

    JT: Ive never been in a threesome

    BB: really?

    JT: Ive never been in a threesome

    BB: I can see it in your eyes, boy this is the first time, I can say I feel like this is the first time Ive felt like youve lied to us.

    JT: Are you serious? Honestly man, I like one on one. I like intimacy. That maybe that may not sit well with some people but I like intimacy.

    Lady: Hey, its alright

    BB: Justin Timberlake. Do want me to hand you this question, or do you want me to read this to you?

    JT: let me see it man.

    Background: Aw dont be

    JT: What am I up to?

    Background: Youre almost at 20 dog almost at 20

    JT: Is that the Platinum? Am I almost there

    Background: Youre almost there youre so close man

    JT: Let me see it lemme see it

    BB: are you sure?

    JT: WHO did these questions? Im gonna kick their ass

    BB: *laughing* it was us.

    JT: Just read it just read it man

    BB: Ladies and gentlemen, the question is We dont need the drum roll cuz hes gonna pass this one up this ones gonna be the one he stop on. But I gonna do the drum roll any ways.

    JT: Youre so dramatic Big Boy.

    BB: Thank you so much. Justin Timberlake, who was better in bed? Britney Spears or Janet Jackson?

    Sound of drum roll then Justin tapping on the desk.

    ** LAUGHTER from everyone **

    BB: Justin Timberlake. Ladies and gentlemen in the Hat of forbidden questions yall. Justin Timberlake ladies and gentlemen, tapped out on who was better in bed, Britney Spears or Janet Jackson.
    , . .


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