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    Интервью с Крисом Киркпатриком, август 2002 *7 глупых вопросов для Криса* на инглише

    Seven Silly Questions for Chris Kirkpatrick
    Submitted by: Amanda

    Since there are no strings attached to 'N Sync, the boy band members are free to go all out in their pursuit of side projects ranging from solo records to space travel. One of the guys is even ditching his homeys to join pop tart Willa Ford as co-host of tonight's Miss Teen USA Pageant (airing live at 9 pm/ET on CBS). "It's gonna be me!" declares the group's elder statesman, Chris Kirkpatrick, 30. Naturally, TV Guide Online couldn't resist lobbing in the teen idol's direction a few questions Ч and this we promise you, they're gonna be so silly that he might not wait until we're through to tell us bye, bye, bye. Ч Michael Ausiello

    TV Guide Online: Aren't you a little old to be flirting with teenage girls?

    Chris Kirkpatrick: If I were judging that would be different, because I would be looking at the teenagers in a weird way. But I'm just hosting, so I think we'll be safe.

    TVGO: Lance wants to blast off into outer space. What other singer would you like to send into orbit Ч permanently?

    Kirkpatrick: No one really. Except for the ongoing thing with Eminem and I, there's really nobody I don't like. Everybody's pretty cool with me.

    TVGO: Speaking of Slim Shady, how did you feel about him singing "Chris Kirkpatrick, you're gonna get your ass kicked" in "Without Me?" Are you guys feuding?

    Kirkpatrick: There's no feud. I'm a big fan. Like he said, "Kirkpatrick" just rhymed with "get your ass kicked," so I think that worked out in my favor. I've got the album.

    TVGO: Who's your pick to win American Idol?

    Kirkpatrick: I've seen this kid Justin, who's pretty good. There was a girl who got kicked off last week who was really good.

    TVGO: Tamyra?

    Kirkpatrick: Yeah. Oh man, I thought she had a great voice. I thought she had a really good shot at winning it.

    TVGO: Admit it: Deep down, you're hoping Justin Timberlake's solo album (due in November) tanks.

    Kirkpatrick: Not in the least bit. That's my little brother. If that was the most successful album ever, it still wouldn't surpass my expectations. It would take a lot for me to wish him not well. Anything that happens for him can only help us as a group, too.

    TVGO: Suppose you lose your voice and develop a beer gut. What do you do with the rest of your life?

    Kirkpatrick: I think that's what happened to me.

    TVGO: Remind me again: Which one are you?

    Kirkpatrick: I'm the one with the mohawk.
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