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    Интервью с Джастином Тимберлейком на Rick Dees

    TRANSCRIPT (D= Rick Dees J= Justin E= Ellen K. O= other voices)

    D= foreman, you're now motioning to Justin Timberlake is on the phone? You just answer the phone?

    O= Justin is on the phone. This is really exciting. Give it up for Justin Timberlake!

    D= (over him) Hold on, hold on, hold on as second

    o= Woohoo Justin.

    e- How do we know it's really Justin?

    d= Hold on, before I go to it I have to say this too. Justin did not give me a copy of this song. this might not be a happy occasion for him. Because you know He's cut a deal to have this released to everyone at the same time. and the release of this single wasnt suppose to be for three and half
    weeks we understand.

    e=oh, whoops!

    d=So, Like I love you, of course was premiered just then, but, Justin is on the line and I hope it;'s something--i dont know, I dont know if its happy, if it's anger, I dont know, But justin are you there?


    d-justin it's rick dees here

    j=whats up rick?

    d-how are you, im sorry this is so early, but someone must've called you and awakened you

    j= no, im sitting here drinking my coffee. and listerning to rick dees in the morning

    o=all right!

    e= are you mad?

    j=im not mad. i can't be mad at rick, he's a short man. you can't be mad at a short man.

    o and e=woah! (laughing)

    d= you're saying that to a man in an elvis outfit. im a good fa--

    j=im just kidding, tell you what? i heard you can hit a golf ball well.

    r=oh...listen, im a, look with my platform lifts, im a good five two

    j=(laughs). you sneaky devil! how did you get a hold of that?

    r=oh listen, well first of all, i, i if i gave you my sources, they'll dry up.

    j= right.

    r=but i have to say this, we had a copy

    j=you spent a lot of money, man

    r=well no, no, not really. we had a source late yersterday and i said "look let's talk about this." I talked to Ellen she said "Don't do it." I talked to the General Manager of the radio station and he said "You're taking your career in your own hands. This can open in a major lawsuit."

    e=I said it would be disrespectful.

    r=and i said "it cant be disrespectful to justin." because this is what you do, this is your craft, your artistry. So I played Like I love You. how do you feel?

    j=well, honestly, i'm glad you played it, man.

    r=(laughs lightly) now, there you==

    e= is it true justin, you bought an eight million dollar mansion?

    r=it is not true. it's 7.9.

    j=(laughs) uh, it's in that range.


    d=i can tell you this justin, there is a lady sitting here, beautiful lady here named Gina Bandee (i dont know the second the song started--it looked like she moved into an aerobics class. so tlak to justin, tell him why you move like that.


    j= she turned into jane fonda?

    r=she really did.
    Gina=yeah, something like that. no i love the beat. i love the groove. it felt really nice.

    j=thank you very much. that's--thank you. honestly, man, i'm kinda nervous about this whole thing cuz im taking a chance musically. so im glad you liked it.

    r=well the beginning is very interesting. now..did you write this?

    j=yeah, yeah, it's a....cowrite with Pharell Williams and Chad Hugo, otherwise known as the Neptunes.

    r=oh really? wow, they're so hot right now, they're Hot In Herre with Nelly and everything else. Do you like that song by the way?

    j=it's cool.

    r=yeah it is cool. you really got intothis where did you record it?

    j=this was done in virginia beach. i did a lot of the album, i went away from the world and we sat in this old, one room studio in virginia and um, you know wrote a lot of the album there.

    r=that's a beautiful place. what inspired the song, what is it about?

    j=the song is, you know, i mean i guess it's. wow, this is funny. the song is um--it's uh, if you listen to the lyrics of the chorus: "Can't nobody love you like I love you" and um, it's basically, um... and then it says "you're a good girl and that's what makes me trust you." and then, um the end of the hook is "You will know the difference when I touch you." So, it's basically just saying I'm the best man, i'm the best man for the job.

    r="I'm the man for the job." I trust the fact that you haven't been passed around between you know seventeen or eighteen other guys.

    o=(talking at the same time)

    e=Rick! (sounds like)He's so primal in base.

    r=i misinterpreted it.

    o=he all ready wrote the song!

    r=i didn't write the song.

    j=leave it up to rick! leave it up to rick!

    e=yeah you see, he takes a beautiful moment and twists it, puts it in the trash, and in the gutter, you know what rick--

    r=(over all of them) I'm going to play it! I'm going to play it again.


    r=(laughs), yeah that's two times now. ellen, now she's walked out. come back in here ellen.

    e=you know, as long as it's cool with justin, it's cool with me. i think it's great.

    r=Gina Bandee, she danced twice as fast on that one. Gina that's the second time.

    Gina=Just got me going.

    r=yeah. Justin, still on the line?


    r=Justin, I'm a--


    e=you know justin, when someone in a group does a solo project, rumors start going around. You know what I'm talking about? Will you stay with NSync?

    j-yeah, i think the thing that people don't understand that we were friends before the whole NSync thing took off. So I mean, we'll remain friends regardless of whether we make another album or not. But yeah, we're definitely going to make another record.

    r=Good for you. That's excellent. As far as the tour and everything, are you taking a break from touring now? What do you have planned?

    j=well, right now, im just finishing some mixing on the album. and uh, and um, that's really as far, i mean, i got some stuff scheduled as far as turning the record to radio, so (sarcastically) Thanks A Lot. No I'm just kidding.
    And um, that's really as far as I've really thought about it. You know, my main concern right now is making sure that this album gets done and that it's perceived for the way I want it to be perceived. Because it's definitely different from, I think, anything anyone has ever heard or anything that I've(can't make it out)

    r=Yeah I think so too. Absolutely. Well so far, from what we've done here in the streets of Burbank, in front of the Krispy Kreme Donut shop..


    e= thats exactly where you want your record to be debut.


    r=There hasn't been one negative. There has not been one ONE negative. Not a one.

    j=that's cool, man.

    r=I wanted to give you good information too. Now, who's this Kevin guy? Because there was this secret Kevin guy who came in. And somehow, I..

    e=Kevin Dolcey? Is he the one wholeaks the..

    r=I don't think he was. I heard this name Kevin and then this deep voice guy getting in an elevator and then disappearing. And I thought that maybe Justin could fill us in.

    e=in the dark cover of night

    j=I don't know. Maybe he's the Mafia. (i think he says)

    r=maybe not. maybe not. I don't know. Whatever he is, i heard a deep deep voice and then there was a stack of CDs and then a disappearance.

    e=and rick, in a kinda unrelated kind of related kind of subject, you know, the last time that i saw Justin and JC I had a brand new pedicure, it was a french pedicure on my toes and they told me it was nasty, that you don't put a french pedicure on your toes so i had to change it, so now my toe nails are red.

    r= oh yeah, they had a thing about it

    j=. red's good. red's good. red shows fire, passion. passion is good, right? passion is great.

    r=so how has the summer been? had a chance to do anything? i know you like to get out and just do wild stuff so, i mean, what have you been doing this summer?

    j=(laughs) actually man, i've been so involved with making this record, i've spent the whole summer in the studio andtravelling around and working with the different producers i wanted to work with. And um, I've been playing a little bit of golf. And uh--

    r=good for you, where are you, are you hitting it down the middle and all that stuff?

    j=Um, thats sounds a little-

    r=i'll take that as a "no." ..that pause.

    j=that sounds a little funny. that statement sounds a little funny to me so we have to pause that.. yes, I've been hitting the ball straight. Last time I went to the range, I was hitting the ball pretty straight.

    r=thats great. the other thing we were going to ask too. Hold on a second, There was a note just held up. I'm not going to ask him about the dancer. I am not going to ask him about the dancer. No. I am not. This is his private ca--

    o=(in background)oh, come on.

    j= come on.

    r=Justin--. Ok. What about the dancer?

    j=oh come on. Are you asking me, are you asking me if I'm single or if I'm? Is that the question?

    r=Oh yeah, okay, well you're definitely single. Yeah.

    j=yeah im definitely single.

    r=Well when do you see yourself um, you know, producing another act? You have done this before, you've produced another act before havent you?

    j=actually, man, I have a couple of people that I um, that I know that are very very talented, that I've known since I was a child and I'll be happy be involved in the production. I shy away from the business side, of a lot of you know, the music business, there's a couple of people that I like to makes sure that they get good deals and yeah I love to be involved with the creative input on what they're record will be. Yeah I love to get involve in that, to help.

    r=Speaking, speaking of creative.. I'm dying to know about
    Nelly and the Neptunes and all. These guys seem to be really really hot. what is their secret right now? The neptunes they are all over place.. on hit records

    j=honestly, man they just have, they are purely talented musicians. i think they come out in a form where, you know, their sound came out and it became a big hit in the Hip Hop thing and then it went, then Nelly scored a big hit with this Hot In Herre. and there's a lot of songs that they've done that a lot of people don't know that they've done. I think it just comes out to the fact that they're musicians. They're very talented musians. a lot of this album we did live music you know, you can totally tell. And even the song that you STOLE from me..you can tell the live drums, live guitar, to me it just makes a difference, live music, it brings so much more feel and vibe in the record.

    r=sure, like in this one, this is a lot of live stuff. right when you start with the guitar then burst into drums. are these live drums?

    j=yeah, yeah, so, i just think for me i think it brings so much more depth to the sound, me personally.

    r=i do too. everybody's responded positively. what do you look like now? is your hair long? short? what is it?

    e=is it shaved?

    j=aw man. it's short. no, it's not shaved. i grew it out a little bit.

    r= right. is it naturally curly?

    j=im rocking a big joe dirt mullet.

    all=(laughing) all right! thats what we love!

    e=its short and long at the same time.

    j=just kiddin'

    r=thats right. thats exactly right. i dont want you to feel bad...

    j= no man honestly. let me please take that back. because i just put a really bad image of me with the joe dirt. i just no, um..definitely not. no, im just kidding, man. my hair is short and curly and there's nothing i can do about it.

    r= i wanna go on record too saying that we have something in common: janet jackson used me to.

    o=(laughing) Rick..

    j=(laughs) you are so full of yourself, man

    r=i dont know what to believe. you know, it's fun. it's just fun. you're having a great life and a wonderful time. this has got to be huge. because all the testing we've done in front of krispy kreme says it's a big hit. and justin--

    j=hey man, krispy kreme is a very telling sign.
    r= it really is.

    j=you wanna know the meaning life..you check out the glaze

    e= that's right. i hear you. i feel you.

    r=hey JC (HAHAHA!), thank you buddy. thank you so much for letting us talk to you. i know that you got the private line here, you can call anytime.

    j=all right

    r= You're the man. Justin Timberlake, Like I Love You. I thought he was going call and ream us but he didn't burst.

    e= and you played it twice!
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