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    Интервью с Джей Си за июль 2002 года на инглише

    Have you ever refused to do something for a photo shoot? 
    In Germany people wanted to get us with our shirts off. We're not posers but eventually we said, "Screw it, no one will see it." But then everyone saw it.

    What have you worn that you can't believe you did?
    We wore these big plastic, pleathery, poufy space suits our first time at the American Music Awards. We were laughing about them just the other day!

    So when you're not dressed by NASA, what do you wear?
    Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, and Levi's are always a classic, man.

    Do you shop, or do you prefer having clothes chosen for you?
    I do like shopping from time to time.

    What do you lounge around in?
    Jeans and T-shirts. Banana Republic stretch V-necks are my all-time favorite. I also wear flip-flops and a trucker hat.

    Do you still shop with your mom?
    No. The poor old lady would wait forever.

    Did she get impatient in the past?
    I never used to try on clothes. I still don't; only shirts. Jeans usually fit -- I've worn the same size jeans, 31, since I was 16.

    I'm sure your style has changed!
    Oh, sure. For a while I'd get baggy jeans, then I was into skintight ones, then medium fit. Now I wear a few of each.

    Would you change your outfit if your mom didn't like it?
    I'd say, "You don't get it." I don't change for people. I won't wear spandex and offend people with my chicken legs...

    What's sexiest on a girl?
    It depends on the situation. A sundress on a warm day is incredible, but jeans and a tank top can also be sexy as hell.

    Shoes or sneakers?
    Flip-flops from Sanuk, Banana Republic or Gap. Gap's are only about seven bucks but they're so comfortable.

    The cheapest ones often are.
    Dude, for sure! But my favorite pairs are still my Sanuks -- they're snakeskin slides.

    What do you wear to go out?
    Whatever I have on that day, usually jeans. But I put on black boots, not flip-flops, so drinks don't get spilled on my feet!

    So are you really the group's biggest clotheshorse?
    Joey's probably the clotheshorse, and Justin's the shoehorse.
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