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    Интервью с Джастином Тимберлейком за 15 июля 2002 года на инглише

    Justin Timberlake called Orlando's 102 JAMZ radio station on Monday, July 15th to talk about CFTCIV, his solo project, cars and music.


    DJ #1: Hey we have Justin Timberlake on the phone!
    DJ #2: How are u?
    Justin: Alright, how are ya'll doin?
    DJ #1: So lets talk about this Challenge for The Children basketball game
    Justin: It is just a big ass basketball game. We invite sports stars down to just have a good time and raise money.
    DJ #1: We talked to Nelly a couple of weeks a go.
    Justin: That is my man!
    DJ #1: It is good to hear from Orlando folk.
    Justin: Yeah!
    DJ #1: So lets talk about these tabloids.
    DJ #2: So many things are being said about you? Like one week you were crying over Britney, then the next week you're partying , then you're crying again. What is the deal?
    Justin: Well you know how am. I don't like to talk about my personal life.
    DJ #1: Fine. We'll just leave it at that.
    Justin: But I will say that it has been really tough on me.
    DJ #1: Okay, so what is going on with this solo project?
    DJ #2: Yeah, when is it coming out?
    Justin: In the Fall, hopefully. Hopefully.
    DJ #1: We hear you like to collect cars?
    DJ #2: Yeah, how many do you have?
    Justin: Well, um. I have. Um. Ummm. An escalade
    DJ #1: Damn that many? *laughing*
    Justin: You know what? I just brought the new Mercedes 2002.
    DJ #1: Really? A.J. from 106 in Park rolled up with one at the BET awards.
    Justin: Really?
    DJ #2: It was probably a rebuttal because we know he doesn't have money like that.
    Justin: Yeah, it was probably a loan.
    Justin: They repeat everything on BET.
    DJ #1: Yeah, you guys were on there for like a whole week.
    Justin: Yeah
    DJ #1: So what is better 106 or um that show TRL>
    Justin: Honestly, 106 crowd is crazier.
    DJ #1: Yeah. Really?
    Justin: Yeah, much crazier.
    DJ #1: What is in your C.D. player right now?
    Justin: The N.E.R.D. Um. The new Eminem and ahh Nellyville.
    DJ #1: So what are you trying to say you have a 6 disk changer? *laughter*
    Justin: Naw, man.
    DJ #1: So what is going on with *NSYNC?
    Justin: We are just taking a much needed break. We haven't really been on a break since I was 14.
    DJ #1: How old are you now?
    Justin: 21
    DJ #1: Well, thanks for talking with us.
    DJ #2: Yeah, you have to stop by the studio sometime.
    Justin: Yeah, definitely.
    DJ #1: Okay well. Justin Timberlake, ya'll. So long. Farewell.
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