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    Интервью с Крисом, июль 2002 на инглише

    Singer, designer and now golfer, Chris Kirkpatrick of the ultra-popular boy band *NSYNC was in Pittsburgh recently to support the Mario Lemieux Foundation and play a round. Born in Clarion, Pa., and raised in Dayton, Ohio, he studied music and dance before leaving college to concentrate on *NSYNC. Along with his own clothing line and production company, Kirkpatrick designed his recently completed new home. 

    ~Q. Have you discovered golf's transcendental qualities? ~
    A. No. I just got addicted to it. I'm not in the transcendental phase -- I'm in the "God, I hope I hit the ball" phase.

    ~Q. What's your handicap? ~
    A. Very, very bad. I usually don't even know what it is. In other words, I'm still a hacker. [The Lemieux tournament] was an amazing time, though. I hit some really bad shots, and I hit a couple of really good shots, but overall it was great to be out there and know that everybody was there for a great cause.

    ~Q. What prompted you to design the fumanskeeto clothing line? ~
    A. Instead of complaining about a shirt or complaining about anything, I could say, you know, I'll just make it. I'll just design it this way. I enjoy trying to inspire myself. I enjoy the artistic side of everything. Music, art, fashion, everything. I just like to be on the cutting edge of it. I'm into designing houses and interior design. I like change. You know, I like creating. I like creating things out of nothing.

    ~Q. Does the group support launching *NSYNC's Lance Bass into outer space? ~
    A. Of course. He's been wanting it a long time, and we're behind his thing. We support each other in everything we do. I mean, whatever he wants, we are into it, too. He's talked about it forever and said he always wanted to be an astronaut.

    ~Q. So you really are all friends? ~
    A. Oh, yeah, for sure. We all got into it as a group, and of course we want each other to succeed in other endeavors. We never dreamed in a million years that we would have done this.

    ~Q. How did *NSYNC develop a relationship with Michael Jackson? ~
    A. It started when he asked us to come on his anniversary special. Then, we asked him to come on MTV with us, and then we did a couple of special charity benefits with him, and it kind of grew from there.

    ~Q. What is he like? ~
    A. He seems like a regular guy. I mean, in that business, what really is regular? It's kind of hard to say because nobody has been through what he's been through. You've just kind of got to understand him and deal with who he is.

    ~Q. How do you maintain such a young fan base? ~
    A. I don't know -- it's hard to say. I guess we are very immature or something. You know, maybe it's just fun. It's fun music, and the kids appreciate that.

    ~Q. Is it hard to date? ~
    A. It is really hard to date. You never know what a girl is coming to you for. You know so many people are out there to get you. You have to be careful with everything, and you can't get yourself in any situations. You usually know by the middle of the date. You know, they say, "I really don't know anything about you, but one time about two years ago when you guys were playing in Hamburg ..." Then you are, like, "Yeah, how'd you know about Hamburg?" It's great to find people that aren't into the whole hype. It's nice if they appreciate what you do as long as they don't go overboard the other way, either. Like, "Oh, I don't even like your band, and I don't like you guys, but I think you're a cool person ..." Whatever. You just want to find somebody who thinks the band is good, someone who appreciates what you do. That's cool. It is probably easier to date celebrities. But I have just been randomly dating here and there. So I haven't really had time for any one girl lately, but, you know, I've been kind of dedicating myself to just music. Hopefully I'm going to relax a little bit coming up and get back into the dating scene and see what happens.
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