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    Интервью с Joey с канала TRL, 17 апреля 2002 на инглише

    Carson: At 9 Michelle Branch "All You Wanted" on TRL with Joey Fatone. Um, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is out Friday. 

    Joey: Yep.

    Carson: Uh, you must be a good actor, because you are not even Greek.

    Joey: I play one on Tv. I guess I look greek, you know, Italians and Greeks are pretty close.

    Carson: Right. So what is going on with this... with this movie?

    Joey: Uh... it's basically uh... a movie about a girl who tries to find true love and she, she actually meets this uh... kind of all-American boy, which is John Corbin, uh, and... and uh, she basically wants to marry and they fall in love, and her father, you know, obviously you're supposed to marry Greeks, you're supposed to make Greek babies, and you're supposed to be in the Greek family business... but that's not what she wants and now she tries to persuade her father to basically, you know, have the consent of them getting married.

    Carson: I should mention the star of the movie is sitting right over there. He doesn't -- he doesn't fit in, in the TRL crowd.

    Joey: John doesn't fit in the show but he came by to show me some love!


    Carson: Hey John, nice to have you here.

    Joey: Just sitting out there.

    Carson: Uh, how... how... how was this, this "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", how did that compare to the "On The Line"? You had Lance there every day, uh, two different, uh, vibes, I'd imagine.

    Joey: It was... Well believe it or not, this was the first film I did before "On The Line". So this is, like, a year... year and a half...

    Carson: Shot this before.

    Joey: Yeah, shot this before. And it was really cool because, um, I got thrown in with Lanny Kassan, Andrea Morin, a lot of veterans of people that have been doing this for years and I got thrown in this whole situation, I'm like, "Hi, I'm the... the new guy." You know?

    Carson: And for anybody at home who might think, "Well yeah, well you know, this guy from Nsync, he's doing these movies because he can, he has the pull, and... yadda, yadda, yadda..." We should mention that Tom Hanks' production company, Playtone, produced this film.

    Joey: Yep. Mmm hmm.

    Carson: This is a credible piece of work you're involved with here.

    Joey: Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah.

    Carson: So that's very cool. How... Did you meet Tom Hanks, or...?

    Joey: Of course. I mean, hung out with him a couple times.

    Carson: Really?

    Joey: Yeah. Actually had dinner at his house a while back.

    Carson: How is Mr. Hanks?

    Joey: Good.

    Carson: You had dinner at his house?

    Joey: Yeah.

    Carson: What's it like to have dinner at Tom Hanks' house?

    Joey: It was cool! His whole family and everything, we sat down, it was me and my girlfriend, and...

    Carson: Is he down to earth?

    Joey: Oh yeah, he's real cool. Really nice guy.

    Carson: That's awesome! Wow, that's cool. Uh... do you want to set up this clip?

    Joey: Yeah. It's actually uh... it's the first time, we're walking in... me and uh, my sister Nikky, we're always bickering at each other and... always loud and obnoxious, we're from Chicago, so...

    Carson: Right.

    Joey: This is us bickering at each other.

    Carson: "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". Take a look at this...


    Nikky: And now I gotta go open the travel agency, because, you know, some [bleep] and his big-ass girlfriend are too busy.

    Joey: Ma, tell her I open the dry cleaners every day and I think it's about time she did something for a change.

    Nikky: Excuse me? Do you know who was at the dry cleaners this morning? My husband --

    Joey: No, you're always at the beauty parlor, doing your nails and your hair and everything.

    Nikky: Don't you talk about my hair. You are so lazy. You and your big-ass girlfriend do nothing.

    Joey: Yeah. Did somebody sit on your hair? I mean, it looks a little flat there.

    Nikky: Angelo... bite me.



    Carson: That was pretty good!

    Joey: I try.

    Carson: You got the chops, kid! That's awesome. "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"... now what happened with "Star Wars"? What was the whole deal with that, while here you're clearin' up stuff?

    Joey: We're in, we're out, we're in, we're out, we're in... honestly, I do not know.

    Carson: They put you in because what... Lucas's kids were fans, and it was fun because --

    Joey: Well yeah, it was... well it was a whole thing while we were actually uh, doing the audio for the PopOdyssey tour DVD...

    Carson: Right.

    Joey: Believe it or not. And we were over there, and they were shooting some stuff, and I like, went over there and stuff, and obviously, his kid's a big fan of ours. So they kind of threw us in, we stood around there for a little bit, but then they were like "Well we don't know if we can put it in," this and that, blah blah blah, so... and now --

    Carson: And the press got a hold of it, so that probably just ruined it.

    Joey: And then, yeah. And then the whole thing, yeah. We don't even know. We... we... we have no clue.

    Carson: Yeah. Where is that picture, do we have it? They're telling me they have a picture of you.

    [Shows Picture]


    Carson: ...as Yoda.

    Joey: [Laughing] That's a very good uh... [Laughs]

    Carson: That's actually a very cool picture. That's what he looks like...

    Joey: That's me.

    Carson: That's what Justin looks like at six o'clock in the morning, when he's still in bed...

    Joey: Right, exactly, yes. A lot of make-up.

    Carson: Uh, fifteen-second sell, you've seen this, you know how we do this, right?

    Joey: Yep.

    Carson: I'll get out of the way. All the big actors do it on the show, now.

    Joey: That's right, okay.

    Carson: So, it's just a hard sell to just -- not so much the plot, but why this movie? Why, uh... should they go see it when it's out Friday, okay? Joey Fatone, fifteen seconds on the clock, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is the movie, and begin...

    Joey: You need to go see it, just check it out. John Corbin's in it, a bunch of other all-stars are in it. It's fun, John Corbin's naked in it, uh... what else is there? He gets... he gets oil rubbed all over his body, so uh... just have fun, enjoy it, it comes out Friday. Check it out, so...


    Carson: There you go -- Joey Fatone, everybody! Thank you for being here. Good luck with the rest of the tour, our best to the boys as well. Good guest, man. We hit him with a few questions, so that was nice of him. "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". It opens Friday, April 19th, we'll take a break...
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