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    Как снимали клип на песню 'Like I Love You'

    'Like I Love You' Video Shoot
    August 22, 2002
    Writer: Judy

    Here's my review (as an extra) for Justin's video shoot for "Like I Love You." I must warn you, it'll be really lengthy, but I hope it gives you insight as to what the experience was like.

    I arrived at a warehouse in Los Angeles at 2:20pm. We were told (through the hotline) to be there by 3. My friend and I got wristbands and waited. The girl/guy ratio was like 50 to 10! They said they were waiting for more guys to come, but not too many showed up. We waited till 3:45 before they announced that vans would be taking us in groups of 15 to the actual set. You'd think they're be nice enough to make that annoucement earlier, being that most girls got there way early! So anyhoo, they began numbering the wristbands, so I guess even if you had a wristband, it didn't guarantee you'd be in the video! Plus, they were taking people with agents first. I think most of us were agent-less so that sucked. The guy just randomly started numbering the wristbands after that. I made eye contact with the guy. He came over and asked me how many girls I came with. I told him 2 so I ended up being #44, my friend #45. The van pulled up not long after and they called for people up till #45 for my van.

    The van took us to the Grand Avenue Club, near the Staple Center. Looks kinda ghetto on the outside, like a giant black block, but it's decent on the inside. It's a pretty big club (as clubs go), but it looked small when we got inside cuz they had big speakers, cameras and lights set up all over the place. When you guys watch the actual video, you'll see these huge ass speakers, like the kind you see at raves. Don't be fooled. These speakers are fake. I saw them from behind. They're wood boxes!

    Anyways. There was a bunch of people inside (paid extras and staff) and they told us free extras to go up to the balcony as soon as we got inside. My friend spotted Justin first and she grabbed my arm so tight that I swear, she cut off my blood circulation! And she had reason to. Lemme just say for the record that Justin is a GREEK GOD. He is so intensely hot in person!

    I just wanted to jump on him! ;) He was wearing black pants with chains hanging out the left pockets, a red tank top with a sheer black top over it (looked like a jacket from afar), a black hat with silver studs, and black gloves (with holes for his fingers) on both hands. His look reminded me of Michael Jackson. I think it was the gloves and the hat. He was standing on the dance floor, in a little circle with his backup dancers and he was laughing. When he laughs, he puts one or both his hands on his stomach and he tilts his head back. God, he has a great smile and a loud laugh! It literally echoes in the room! :)

    It was sooo surreal to see Justin there. To be that close to him, my God, it's hard to breathe. He was literally only several feet away from me as I headed for the balcony. Then the director told us that he wanted us on the right side of the dance floor. That meant that I would have to walk by Justin! I made a joke to my friend about grabbing his ass on the way. Then I thought, I HAVE to touch him in some way! Probably not by grabbing that booty though. I didn't wanna get kicked out! ;) But it was definitely a golden opportunity! So even though I had a wide margin of space to walk through to get to my destination spot, I purposely swung a little more to my left when I crossed the dance floor. And that was when I touched him! I touched the greek god! ;) My entire left arm grazed his left arm!! And then my friend, who was so dumbfounded that Justin was RIGHT THERE, bumped into me just then, so I actually bumped into Justin a tiny bit! But it wasn't hard enough for him to notice. Dammit. Now that I think about it, I should've touched his shoulder to say, "Oops, my bad!" just to touch him and talk to him! But I was just so giddy that I didn't think to do it at the moment. I hate when that happens, the whole think-of-something-clever-later thing :P Plus, he was talking to his dancers and there were people all over that area, so he probably didn't really notice if anyone barely touched him. :::sigh:::

    So then I walked over to the right side of the dance floor, where they positioned us and told us to dance. Justin and his backup dancers were on the left front side of the dance floor. He was about 8 feet away from me just jiggling around, laughing and talking to his dancers. There was some lady who kept fussing over him, fixing his collar, his pants, his chains, his hat. There were probably about 6 backup dancers, dressed in street clothes. Some of the guys had cornrows and the girls reminded me of fly girls. No bubblegum/pop look. More urban. They started the music and Justin and the dancers busted into their choreography. It looked pretty tight! Almost Micheal Jackson-like. The song has a great beat with the guitar chords and drums. I hafta admit, when I first heard the song, I didn't care for it, but now I love it! And now I can say that I danced with Justin. Hehe. We didn't dance together, like body on body, but we did technically dance together on the same floor. ;)

    Justin would bob his head a lot to the beats, especially when it came to the rap part. It's kinda funny cuz he's this white boy from Tennessee, but he looks like he was raised in the streets all his life. They kept re-shooting that scene, so they played the song over and over. In between shots, he'd talk to his dancers. He seemed to be telling lots of jokes cuz he was laughing and smiling a lot. He didn't really acknowledge all the extras. I was hoping that he'd turn to us to thank us for coming out, but he didn't. When the people told us to be quiet on the set, he would sometimes still be talking. It was cute. The director would have to go and tap him on his shoulder and ask him if he was ready. I guess that's cuz he's Justin Timberlake and he can get way with talking. At some point, I heard him telling his dancers that he was paying for "all of this" so I guess he can do whatever he damn well pleases!

    I am happy to report that he and I did make eye contact, but I was kinda zoning so I didn't get to smile or anything. Dork! Anyways, he also looked my way several times in between breaks of shooting. I speculate that may be because my friend and I were wearing tops that revealed lots of cleavage! Hey, they told us it was a club scene. So of course I came looking like a hoochie mama! ;) I may never get a chance to talk to Justin, but I'm gonna make sure that he notices me! He's a 21-year-old guy. There's NO WAY he's not gonna notice my top.

    After a bunch of takes, the director told me and the other extras to move up top to the balcony. Although I could still see Justin from up top, I felt like it was a tease, being at the bottom so close to him, then at the top where it suddenly seemed so far. Oh well. I had a nice view of his ass! ;) I stayed at the top for the rest of the shoot since they used the paid extras at the bottom. They were all lounging on the black u-shaped booths at the side of the club. By the way, those paid extras had their wardrobes provided by the staff, but their clothes weren't all that. Looked like they were coming out from some 80's scene! I think we free extras had better clothes on! So they continued to loop the song. Each time, they re-shot the scene from different cameras. Then N.E.R.D. came, and Klipse. I don't know who's who. Is Klipse in N.E.R.D.? Anyways, they rapped their parts for the camera and Justin would dance alongside them, bobbing his head. There was this one part where Justin would say, "Ya know, I used to dream about this when I was a little boy." It was really cute cuz he would talk into the camera and put out his hand to show his height as a lil boy, then he'd say "drums" in a low, sultry, sexy way and he'd throw out his arms and move his hips in that sinfully sexy way. That boy sure knows how to work it! Damn! He's GOT to know how those hips drive girls crazy!! I hope they use that shot for the video just so the rest of you can enjoy what I enjoyed! ;)

    So the rest of the shoot was pretty repetitive. They just looped the song and they danced the same routine. Girls would call out Justin's name, but he didn't respond, except one time, when he finally acknowledged these girls on the balcony. They asked him to beatbox for them, and he just smiled. I think he said something like, "you want me to beatbox?" but he didn't. He ended up walking away and talking to his dancers again. He talks to his dancers A LOT. At one point, when it got noisy, the director picked up the bullhorn. Justin took it from him and said to everyone, "Did you ever notice that anyone who uses a bullhorn looks like an asshole?" Everyone laughed. Then he put down the bullhorn and someone from the paid extra side yelled out "asshole!" It was pretty funny. Oh, and at some point, I heard Justin talking to his dancers and he said the word "fuckin". It's weird hearing him cuss. Some girls next to me heard him too and we were like "did he just say fuckin?!" I mean, I know he probably cusses all the time (didn't he call himself a sailor once?), but it's still weird to hear him curse. Kinda like how that one girl said that Joey cusses a lot in Rent. It's normal to know that, yet weird to hear.

    I think I saw Jenna Dewan there. She had short hair and no make up on, so I'm not positive if that was her. She definitely wasn't one of the backup dancers. Either way, she just hung out for a bit. Some other girls thought that might've been her as well.

    Hmm…what else happened? At the end of the song, the extras would chant "oh-ohh!" cuz we were supposed to "keep the energy going." One time, we chanted "Go Justin! Go Justin!" and he busted out this little dance for us, moving all over the place and shaking that ass for us. He's such a ham! I loved it ;)

    It was later on in the day, when they switched the scene from the dance floor to the booth scene when I saw Alyssa come out with Justin, hand in hand. Justin had disappeared for a little bit when they started setting up the shot in the booth. He later re-emerged with Alyssa. All of us girls noticed the two holding hands right away! We were whispering "is that Alyssa Milano?" and "are they together?" and "isn't she too old for him?!" But I guess she's not TOO old, compared to 36-year-old Janet. But I figure the Janet thing was just a fling. I wouldn't be surprised if they were just sex buddies. Despite her age, Janet is a pop diva. She's beautiful and sexy, and hey, she's Janet. And who wouldn't want Justin Timberlake just for bedroom fun? Have you SEEN the way he moves his hips?! And he can sure be a passionate singer. I think we all remember how he falls to his knees in "Gone" and pounds his fists in frustration on the floor! I bet he's a passionate lover as well. (Then again, I bet JC is a REALLY passionate lover too, but I won't get into that! God knows how young some of you readers may be!)

    So back to the Alyssa gossip. An extra told me that they were hugging each other in the back of the studio, and later, I saw that when she was getting ready to leave, she motioned to Justin. He was shooting the booth scene, so he was sandwiched between a bunch of people and couldn't get out, so he mouthed "where are you going?" A girl next to me saw this too, so I'm not imaging things. Alyssa pointed to the exit and said home. So he made a sad face, put his finger to his lip and then did the call me sign.

    So that's how I found out that there's a lil sumpin sumpin going on between Justin and Alyssa. I could be wrong, but other girls saw it too. Someone e-mailed me and told me that Alyssa is already married? I don't know if that's true. Either way, I'm just telling it as I saw it and I thought the rest of you readers would like to know what I saw!

    The shoot ended at 11pm. We free extras didn't get fed, but we got lots of water. It's cool though. Shoot, I'm willing to starve just to be in Justin's video!! The video shoot was supposed to continue for another 2 days, but they only needed us free extras that one day, so for those of you who asked me, I only got to be in that one day of shooting. I DID call the hotline again just to be sure, and they were using paid extras for the rest of the shooting. :(

    MTV's Making the Video was there. I saw them talk to Justin and his backup dancers, and they shot a lot of the choreography as well. That premieres on Sept. 9, so keep an eye out!

    I also looked to see if JC or Chris was there, but they weren't. :( I know JC was in the LA area for the xbox party just 2 days before, so I hoped he'd be around but I didn't see him. Damn. He's my favorite, even with the long hair. :::sigh::: Is he ever going back to the short hair from the NSA days? I like that look better. He looked sportier. You guys remember the way he looked during the `99 VMAs when they performed with Britney? He was HOT!! I think he's lost weight since the Celebrity tour too. He's getting skinnier and he seems to like those tight shirts. I think he's going for the model look. Don't get me wrong. I love his arms, but the guy is starting to look a tiny bit waifish. Anyways. I'm sidetracking. I always do when it comes to JC! Btw, does anyone else find it odd that he wore a hanging red belt to the Teen Choice Awards? Hey, I believe in being trendy, but swinging belts should stay on females. Hmm...

    Well anyways, that's my long review. I hope it answers most or all of your questions. Thanks for taking the time to read it! :)

    later skaters!
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