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    Статистика альбомов и синглов *NSYNC


    PLEASE NOTE: Certifications are awarded for number of albums SHIPPED (not sold!)

    From Billboard Online's Chart Beat FAQ:
    I don't see how my favorite album can be certified triple-platinum when I added up all the sales figures, and it has only sold 1.8 million copies. Can you explain this discrepancy? Also, I noticed last week that five old albums by my favorite artist were all certified at once. Isn't this too coincidental?
    It's a common misconception that certifications are based on sales to consumers. The RIAA issues gold, platinum, and now diamond certifications based on the number of units shipped to stores. So your favorite artist's latest album shipped three million copies, which is why it's already certified platinum even if all three million copies haven't passed into consumers' hands yet. Certifications aren't automatic; labels must request and pay for them. So if five older albums were all certified at once, it just means the label decided to apply for all five at the same time, not that they all crossed the million-mark in the same month. For more about certifications, read Chart Beat's FAQ
    Albums Date Country Certification
    `N Sync / *NSYNC



    Apr 1998 Canada Platinum
    Platinum In Canada:
    13 Jul 1998 USA Gold
    5 Aug 1998 USA Platinum
    4 Nov 1998 USA 3x Platinum
    10 Dec 1998 USA 4x Platinum
    1 Jan 1999 USA 5x Platinum
    4 Mar 1999 USA 6x Platinum
    May 1999 Canada 5x Platinum
    21 Jun 1999 USA 7x Platinum
    5 Jan 2000 USA Diamond
    Home For Christmas


    27 Oct 1999 USA 2x Platinum
    10 Dec 1998 USA Platinum
    10 Dec 1998 USA Gold
    Apr 2001 Canada Platinum
    No Strings Attached


    As of Jul 2001, No Strings Attached had sold 14 million copies worldwide

    19 Apr 2000 USA Gold
    19 Apr 2000 USA Platinum
    19 Apr 2000 USA 7x Platinum
    18 May 2000 USA 8x Platinum
    17 Aug 2000 USA 9x Platinum
    Oct 2000 Canada 5x Platinum
    1 Dec 2000 USA Diamond
    Jan 2001 Canada 7x Platinum
    10 May 2001 USA 11x Platinum


    22 Aug 2001 USA Gold
    22 Aug 2001 USA Platinum
    22 Aug 2001 USA 5x Platinum

    Singles Date Country Certification
    I Want You Back


    1997 Germany Gold
    Gold In Germany:
    9 Apr 1998 USA Gold
    Tearin' Up My Heart


    1997 Germany Gold
    Gold In Germany:
    Music Of My Heart


    1 Nov 1999 USA Gold
    It's Gonna Be Me


    11 Aug 2000 USA Gold


    Aug 2001 Australia Gold
    Videos Date Country Certification
    *N The Mix


    10 Dec 1998 USA Platinum
    10 Dec 1998 USA Gold
    10 Dec 1998 USA 3x Platinum
    10 Feb 1999 USA 4x Platinum
    10 May 1999 USA 5x Platinum
    12 Dec 2000 USA 6x Platinum
    Making The Tour


    9 Mar 2001 USA Gold
    9 Mar 2001 USA Platinum
    Live At Madison Square Garden


    27 Nov 2000 USA Platinum
    27 Nov 2000 USA Gold
    27 Nov 2000 USA 2x Platinum
    18 Dec 2000 USA 3x Platinum
    Certifications Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
    USA - 500,000 1,000,000 10,000,000
    Germany - 250,000

    UK 60,000 100,000 300,000
    Canada - 50,000 100,000 1,000,000
    Japan - 200,000 400,000 -
    Australia - 35,000 70,000 -
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