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    JC vs. Justin: Their fans speak, 10 июня 2003

    Her favorite 'N Sync member used to be JC Chasez. Then, he grew the mullet.

    "I started liking Justin more," said Kathleen Towert, 13, of Union. "JC just got hairy."

    Last month, we asked whom you like better as a solo star -- Justin Timberlake or JC Chasez?

    We weren't surprised that Justin got more votes, given his hit CD and love/hate relationship with Britney Spears. We were surprised to receive e-mails from Kathi Owen, of Romeoville, Illinois, who is a member of Adult NsyncAholics, an international group of fans who are 21 and older. Owen, who's 43, voted for Justin.

    But the real shocker was 77-year-old Anna Polci of Newark (see the story), who wrote, "I love them both."

    Like Polci, many 'N Sync fans were torn about having to choose. But Kathleen Towert and Budd Lake resident Michelle Delcarpio, also 13, were happy to take sides.

    "Justin is way better now," Kathleen wrote. "I love the goatee thing he has going! Justin just sings better and has better songs."

    Defending Justin Timberlake is nothing new for Kathleen. Her devotion is routinely attacked by her 15-year-old sister Lauren, a fan of Chris Trousdale from the group Dream Street.

    "They have these raging debates. They're hurling insults at each other's artists," says their father, Dan Towert. "Pictures in their room will be missing or torn down. I know how it ends if I don't intercede."

    According to the girls, their dad doesn't understand that, most of the time, they're just kidding. The disappeared posters, they claim, were a prank. But some of the animosity is real.

    Kathleen accuses Lauren of trying to brainwash her. "She blasts Dream Street's songs. And I don't like their songs. But they'll get stuck in my head," she complains.

    Lauren denigrates 'N Sync by making snide comments about their age. "I just think they're too old to be hanging around young girls all the time," she sniffs.

    But Kathleen has a secret weapon in all of this: her little sister Kimberly, who is 10. Kimberly used to vacillate between 'N Sync and Dream Street, never certain whom she liked better. Finally, she decided it was 'N Sync.

    "Dream Street sounds like girls," Kimberly now declares.

    Kathleen savors the victory. She realizes, however, that Kimberly is impressionable. "I don't think she would know who Chris is if Lauren wasn't here," she says. "I don't know if she'd like Justin as much if I wasn't here."

    Dan Towert, at least, tries to stay impartial. "To me," he says, "they all sound the same."

    Michelle Delcarpio would passionately disagree. According to her, it's glaringly obvious that JC -- "the coolest and sexiest man alive"-- sounds better than Justin.

    "His single from (the movie) 'Drumline' was tha bomb," wrote Michelle. "Every time I heard it on the radio I started to dance."

    Michelle denounces Justin as a "Michael Jackson wanna-be" and a "showoff."

    "Every song 'N Sync has out, it's always him," she gripes.

    Although Michelle describes herself as "a quiet girl," she doesn't sound like one. She's quick to voice her opinion and rattle off a list of her other favorite pop stars (New Found Glory, Missy Elliott, Linkin Park, Ludacris).

    Lately, she's been cultivating a punk-rock look, complete with leather bracelets, says her mom.

    "She wants to believe she's a punk, but she's not," jokes Irsi Delcarpio. "But we don't have the green hair and the piercings. When she can drive herself to get the piercings, then she can have them."

    According to her mom, Michelle gets good grades and pitches in around the house. She loves to play with her 3-year-old sister, Kayla. (She taught Kayla to sing 'N Sync's hit "Bye Bye Bye.")

    Irsi Delcarpio, 33, can understand her daughter's crush on JC. As a girl growing up in Peru, she had a thing for Menudo.

    Michelle can't entirely grasp the appeal. "She says, 'Yuck. Nasty, the way they dressed!' " recounts her mom.

    But Michelle knows that boy bands weren't born yesterday. 'When she was my age, Menudo was basically like 'N Sync," says Michelle. "My mom probably liked them because of their looks."

    Irsi Delcarpio thinks that might be right, although her memories are vague.

    "My favorite was, what's his name, Miguel? I liked Charlie," she said. "What did I like about them? It was probably just the fact that one was cuter than the other."

    JC Chasez Ready For The Responsibility Of Going Solo
    Source: Launch.com

    *NSYNC singer JC Chasez is wrapping up the recording of his debut solo album, Schizophrenic. Chasez tasted solo success in 2002 with his hit single "Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love)," which was featured on the Drumline soundtrack.

    Following a solo performance for a New York radio station, Chasez said that while being a solo artist is definitely exciting, it does mean shouldering more responsibility--and even criticism--by yourself.

    "It's a different kind of excitement, you know, when you're with a group," he said. "You have people to lean on and to laugh with because they're in the same boat as you. When you're on your own, it's more responsibility because you've got to carry a lot more criticism on your shoulders."

    Timberlake shows why he's a gamer on Microsoft tour
    Source: Seattle Times

    The man not only has a great voice and big fan following, he plays a mean game of Halo on Xbox.

    Justin Timberlake spent several hours yesterday at Microsoft Game Studios in Redmond, touring Xbox land. He played with the Bungie team, developers of the popular Halo game Ч and the insiders say he's good.

    Of course, practice helps.

    It turns out Timberlake has four Xbox consoles on his tour bus. He and the band members link up and go multiplayer as the bus rolls from gig to gig. But even the famous still have to sign nondisclosure agreements (NDA) when they're seeing characters and games not released.

    He walked into the Redmond Xbox offices and said, "I signed the NDA so where's the game?"

    Timberlake was referring to Halo 2, which hasn't been released. Halo 2 is the Xbox game that was a big hit at last month's E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles. Timberlake also tried Counter-Strike and Crimson Skies, two games that will be released for the holidays.

    He thrilled the Bungie team by signing autographs and multiplaying with them. They, in turn, tried to wow him with their latest game, Brute Force.

    Been there, done that.

    Timberlake already has the game, which was released this month.

    The 22-year-old was in the Northwest on the beginning of his first national tour with Christina Aguilera. They wowed the Tacoma Dome audience Sunday and, after the stop in Redmond yesterday, were headed to Portland.

    P.S. Aguilera also is a gamer but was not at Microsoft.
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