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    Justin Timberlake
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    ~Фотогалереи NSYNC~Галерея #6 (1997-1999)


    Фотогаллерея N'Sync #6 (1997)
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    ~Фотогалереи NSYNC~Галерея #6 (1997-1999)
    ~Фотогалереи NSYNC~Галерея #6 (1997-1999)
    ~Фотогалереи NSYNC~Галерея #6 (1997-1999)
    ~Фотогалереи NSYNC~Галерея #6 (1997-1999)


    ~Концертные фотки NSYNC~Фото с концертов в Англии, 1997


    Это редкие фото группы с первого концерта в лондонском Covent Garden в 1997 году с их первым синглом в UK. Концерт был показан по телевидению, но не попал в чарты.

    Фото с концертов в Англии, 1997 Фото с концертов в Англии, 1997 Фото с концертов в Англии, 1997 Фото с концертов в Англии, 1997


    Together Again

    Together Again1. "Together Again - Radio Edit Version (3:25)"
    2. "Together Again - Album Version (4:09)"
    3. "Giddy Up (4:07)"
    4. "Some Dreams (4:18)"
    5. "Special CD-ROM Track"

    The CD Single is made in Germany in 1997
    Cat.No; 74321 52017 2


    For The Girl Who Has Everything

    For The Girl Who Has Everything1.For The Girl Who Has Everything (Radio Mix) 
    2.For The Girl Who Has Everything (Album Version)
    3.For The Girl Who Has Everything (Unplugged Version)
    4.Lion Sleeps Tonight

    Released - 18 Aug 1997 and 25 Dec 1997 in Germany


    Here We Go

    Here We Go1. "Here We Go - Radio Cut Version (3:34)"
    2. "Here We Go - Stonebridge Radio Version (3:50)"
    3. "Here We Go - Stonebridge Club Mix Version (7:42)"
    4. "Here We Go - Hudson & Junior Remix Version (4:51)"
    5. "Here We Go - Extended Mix Version (4:01)"

    The CD Single is made in Germany in 1997
    Cat.No; 74321 48291 2


    Best Of My Life - "N'SYNC"

    Тексты песен
    Ведущие голоса: JC Chasez и Justin Timberlake 
    Авторы песни: B. Arix, V.D. Toorn и Toni Cottura
    Публикована в:`N Sync (1997 release), Pop To The Power of 16 Compilation Album

    JC : Girl, don't you say that it's over
    Cause you are part of me
    Girl, just hold on and please
    Tell me, what is wrong with us

    Justin : Could it be that you're lonely
    Could it be that I didn't care
    Tell me please girl that you are still feeling for me
    Girl, where is the love
    That we used to know
    Our love
    All these beautiful days
    That we used to share
    Lord, tell me please what can I do


    Together Again - "N'SYNC"

    Тексты песен
    Ведущие голоса: Justin Timberlake, Chris Kirkpatrick, 
    Joey Fatone и JC Chasez
    Авторы песни: Andy Reynolds и Tee Green
    Публикована в: `N Sync Album (1997), Together Again Single, Just The Best v.1 1998 Compilation Album, Planet Pop 2000 Compilation Album

    All : Ooh, ooh...

    Justin : How can I say
    That I love you
    When you're so far away
    So tell me why
    You had to go
    Was it me
    I need to know


    More Then A Feeling - "N'SYNC"

    Тексты песен
    Это кавер-версия песни группы "Boston".

    Ведущие голоса: JC Chasez и Justin Timberlake
    Автор песни: T. Scholz
    Публикована в: `N Sync Album (1997)

    JC : I woke up this morning and the sun was gone
    Turned on some music to start my day
    Lost myself in a familiar song
    I closed my eyes and slipped away


    Riddle - "N'SYNC"

    Тексты песен
    Ведущий голос: Justin Timberlake 
    Автор песни: Pat Reiniz
    Публикована в: `N Sync Album (1997)

    Justin : What's the riddle of it all
    What's the riddle on her mind
    It's impossible to find
    I am out to find the solving key
    To this woman's mystery
    I need to see her more than I dream her
    More than two secret eyes
    What is going on what is going on in her life
    What is showing up, what is showing up in her smile