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    Work It (by Justin & Nelly) - "Тексты внеальбомных песен Джастина"

    Тексты песен

    Let's go 

    LetТs show something, uh
    Don't say nothing
    Don't you say a word
    I just want to see you work it
    Come on baby work it for me, yeah
    That ain't frontinТ, no
    Show me something
    Let me see it girl
    I just try to see you work it
    I just wanna see you work it for me, yeah

    I hear her talking loud
    But she ain't saying nothing
    What up with all that frontinТ?
    Come on and show me something

    You know you wanna do it
    Go ahead, your man man ain't coming, please
    And do that thing
    When you dipping, keep your hips poppin

    What's up with all these questions
    And what planning baby girl
    You talking to me
    Like you talking to an adolescent

    I like to jump off, jump off
    Clothes come off, come off
    Her place, freaky beat
    And so on, so on

    Let you waist pop, huh
    When the beats knock, yeah
    I rather watch to the top
    Until thereТs no clock

    Can't even tell the time
    But you know it's mine
    What time is ma?
    It's 20 karats after nine

    Are you dehydrated?
    Well let me quench your thirst, check it
    But first things first
    LetТs do what we rehearsed, come on

    Ya know me notice now
    Make sure we break, break it
    Get up and take a stance
    And let me see ya


    She still talking loud
    But she ain't saying nothing
    Why you ain't moving ma?
    DJ ain't playing nothing?

    You tell him play this here
    Until these speakers blow
    Birthdays pick a place
    Baby we can go

    I like your airmax
    Your shirt with no back
    She showing off her tats
    You ain't no

    Slightly ghetto, ghetto
    She boujhetto, jhetto
    She 5'5, brown eyes
    In stilleto, leto (Yeah, yeah)

    Well did you come alone?
    Or you got two or three?
    That ain't no thang, baby girl
    Cause I got two with me

    And we gonТ all kick it
    And you about to see
    Just what a day would be
    If you was in a ride with me

    Turning on the headlights
    And we be
    Running all the red lights

    ItТs full steam ahead, yeah
    There ain't no stopping now, no
    Come on here and drop it
    And he gonТ tell ya why


    Now all my midwest shorties
    Come on do that thang, yeah
    Dance for me
    Dance for me, yeah

    And all my down south shorties
    Come on do that thang, come on
    Come on, come on
    Come on, come on, come on

    And all my east coast shorties
    Come on do that thang
    Dance for me
    Dance for me, yeah

    And all my west coast shorties
    Come on do that thang
    Come on, come on
    Come on, come on, come on

    She still talking loud
    Hold up, I hear her better now
    She keep a thong print on
    In any weather now

    No sight of a band
    But I can hear the horns playing
    Do do do do do do
    Do do do

    She got me hypnotized
    Just like that Biggie guy
    Cause she been trying to prove her point
    Since we been inside

    CanТt wait to get it on
    Just wait Сtil we get home
    I'm on something, call my partner J
    Come on, come on


    Uh, uh, uh, uh

    I just want to see you work it


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