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    Tell Me, Tell Me...Baby - "Celebrity"

    Тексты песен
    Авторы песни: Max Martin, Rami 
    Продюссер: Rami
    Публикована в: Celebrity Album

    Justin: Oh Oh

    JC: Hold on
    Ah you know what?
    Can we back it up just a little bit?
    Justin: I said why
    I said why
    All: Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me...

    Justin: Oh, oh, yeah
    We were born the same day
    We even think the same way
    It couldn't be more right
    We are what they call a perfect match
    It's something that you can't touch
    Down to the last bone, you're my baby

    JC: But to be honest there's just one thing
    A part that is missing
    You don't seem to care at all

    All: Tell me, tell me, baby
    How come you don't wanna love me
    Don't you know that I can't breathe without you
    Tell me, tell me, just how
    What am I supposed to do right now
    Why can't you love me?
    Why? Tell me, my baby

    JC: Now from the moment we met
    I thought that I was all set
    How could I be so wrong
    Now I'm hearing that you're seeing someone new
    And I wanna know who
    But does he love you love like I do?
    You're my baby

    Justin: But I promise you this one thing
    Whatever that's been said
    I will make it up to you
    So tell me baby


    Justin: You're getting under my skin
    You're messing up with my mind
    You're never letting me into your life and
    JC: Tell me baby how come you don't you wanna love me
    And am I supposed to live without?
    If there is no way
    Justin: To make you
    JC: Feel the same way too
    You, oh

    Justin: Tell me, tell me
    Tell me, tell me
    Justin & JC: We were born the same day
    We even think the same way
    We are what they all call a perfect match
    JC: Tell me baby

    Chorus 2x

    Justin: Tell me, tell me, tell me, why
    Tell me, tell me, tell me, yeah
    Tell me, tell me, tell me, yeah
    I said, tell, me, baby
    Tell me, tell me, tell me, yeah
    Tell me, tell me, tell me, yeah
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