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    That Girl Will Never Be Mine - "Celebrity"

    Тексты песен
    Авторы песни: Kristian Lundin, Jake Schulze, Andreas Carlsson 
    Продюссеры: Kristian Lundin, Jake Schulze
    Публикована в: Celebrity Album, On The Line Soundtrack

    All: That girl will never be 
    JC: Mine

    All: First time
    JC: I saw her at the front door
    All: That girl
    JC: Her face on every billboard
    All: Hands down
    JC: You won't believe the way she laid her eyes on me
    All: Six feet
    JC: I spotted her from the cat walk
    All: So fly
    JC: We got into a small talk
    All: Too bad
    JC: She had to move along
    One smile and she was gone

    All: Can't explain
    Justin: I never thought that I was gonna lose my head
    All: Call me insane
    Justin: There's got to be a way

    All: How can I get next to her
    JC & Justin: Now
    All: Tell me how it's gonna be done
    Will I win or lose this one?
    Don't care about the fact that
    She's in a different league
    JC & Justin: They
    All: Say it's no use that I try
    That girl will never be
    Justin: Mine

    All: Next thing
    Justin: She's livin' in my TV
    All: That girl
    Justin: Stealin' every daydream
    All: Tough luck
    Justin: She had to be a star when
    All: I'm just
    Justin: Same old me
    All: Last night
    Justin: I ran into her briefly
    All: Guess what
    Justin: She didn't wanna see me
    All: They said
    Justin: That I was out of line
    Who's wrong, who's right this time?

    All: Can't explain
    JC: I never thought that I was gonna lose my head
    All: Call me insane
    JC: There's got to be a way


    Justin: That girl, oh
    All: That girl is freakin' me out
    Don't care about the fact that she's all that
    That girl has blown out the doubt
    There's no way for me to stop
    That girl tearin' up the big screen
    That girl stealin' every daydream
    Tough luck, she had to be the one for me
    She will be mine
    No matter what they tryin' to say
    JC: Tryin' to say
    All: There's got to be a
    JC: Way

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