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    I Don't Wanna Spend One More Christmas Without You - Песни, не вошедшие в альбомы

    Тексты песен
    Ведущие голоса: Justin Timberlake и JC Chasez
    Публикована в: Platinum Christmas

    Justin : This is the time of year that we learn to give
    And the greatest gift is learning to forgive
    And we will have the best time that we ever knew
    If you forgive me
    And I forgive you

    Solo (Justin) : I don't want to light a fire
    Unless it will warm your heart
    I'm playin' no holiday songs
    I need you to sing your part
    Baby if I could have just one wish come true
    I don't want to spend one more Christmas without you

    Justin : Without you
    JC : Yeah
    It's so hard to believe
    We're staring at the end
    JC & Justin : When all we think about
    JC : Is starting up again
    Justin : Starting up again
    All : Whatever we lost
    JC : When we were apart
    We'll find it all alone in the dark
    All : Alone in the dark

    Chorus (2x) Solo - JC

    JC : There's nothing more that I want from you
    Than to lie here
    All : Together
    And stay here forever with you
    JC : whoa
    Justin : There's no one I ever knew
    That I wanted
    JC & Justin : To spend Christmas with more than you
    Justin : More than you
    JC : More than you

    Chorus (2x) Solo - JC & Justin alternating

    Justin : I don't want to spend one more
    JC & Justin : Christmas
    Justin : Without
    JC & Justin : You
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